Acneic skin disorders occur as the result of excessive sebum or oil production that mix with keratonized dead skin cells inside the hair follicle. This creates a micro plug or comedone. There are a variety of lesions that appear as blackheads, pimples, pustutles, papules, cysts, and nodules. They can appear on the face, chest, and back. There is a classification for lesions that helps us discern the severity of acneic skin conditions presented by Dr. Kligman. He gives us the grades of acne 1- 4.

formation of acne webWith topical clinical skincare treatment products we are addressing primarily acne grades 1,2, and 3. Acne grades 4 may need a combination of dermatologic intervention, which would be systemic drug intervention, as well as topical treatments.

Our goal with topical treatments is to control the amount of oil that gets produced by the sebaceous glands and also to suppress bacteria from colonizing in the hair follicle. This will prevent the bacteria from feeding on the oil and spreading to create a full inflammatory pimple or pustule or reaction in the hair follicle itself.

Treatment Spotlight

So let’s take a lot at the professional Institut’ DERMed Clarifying Infusion Facial and products that accomplish exactly what your skin needs by controlling oil and suppressing bacteria

The facial begins by first removing any eye and facial make-up with the enhancing eye make up remover and creamy cleanser. This paves the way for the following corrective treatments:

Clarifying Cleanser: a potent foaming gel corrective cleanser formulated with an incredible combination of oil controlling ingredients.
Clarifying Toner: works as a very potent micro peel for the skin.
MicroCrystal Polish: polishes away dead skin cells and refine pores.
Glycolic Serum: is an excellent mattifying treatment that helps to prevent excessive oil from causing or mixing with the keratinized dead skin cells.
Totarol Serum: contains a natural ingredient from the Totara tree that targets bacteria.
Option: Add-on the Clarifying Peel – one of our professional peel formulations designed for home use. Pumpkin enzymes help to exfoliate and brighten the skin.
Clarifying Mask: an excellent treatment alone or after the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel for acne. The addition of sulfur in this treatment sooths and defuses redness.
Clarifying Moisturizer:  a light weight, deep cell skin hydrator that helps to restore the moisture balance to the skin.
Clarifying Matte Fluid: is a fluid formulated to restore moisture balance.

Everyone wants clear, smooth skin. Understanding what causes acne and how to treat it is key to successfully managing your skins condition long term. At   Institut’ DERMed we are happy to offer a completely free skin analysis and consultation.

What your skin reflects when you look in the mirror is in your control.