Technology and Nature Unite to Create the Best Skincare Products

Our founder, Master Aesthetician Lyn Ross, has been researching and developing her range of the best skincare products that marry science and natural ingredients for 40 + years.

After suffering from teenage and adult acne, she made it her mission to work in the lab with chemists to personally select ingredients to achieve the best skin for any age and stage of life.

At Institut’ DERMed, we believe that self-image and reflective image are deeply connected.

The way you look and feel impacts your self-confidence and ability to fulfill your dreams in the world.

It’s the driving force behind every product formulation Lyn has created for the Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin Care brand.

Achieve Glowing Skin Giving You the Confidence to Shine

What you see when you look in the mirror can influence your outlook on life.

And having clear, healthy, youthful-looking skin can make a powerful difference.

“Her range is the best formulated anti-aging skincare on the market. And I have tried most. She doesn’t waste time or money on frivolous expensive packaging, and it’s of tremendous value.
“The quality of ingredients is directly proportional to the time, energy, and money. She has invested in research and development, and there’s just nothing like it on the market.”

Wendy Babchin, fashion Designer, Atlanta

The Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin Care product line, was launched in 1994.

Lyn knew that just like your body needs to be nourished and looked after through good food and exercise, your skin needs the same kind of care and attention.

She discovered the power of glycolic acid. And hailed it ‘a miracle’ when it came to combatting a wide variety of skin conditions.

When applied to the skin, glycolic acid works to break the bonds between the outer layer of skin cells, including dead skin cells, and the next skin cell layer.

This creates a peeling effect that can make the skin appear smoother and more even. Glycolic acid can also thicken skin by stimulating collagen growth.

Today our clinical skincare product range encompasses 69 products with specific ingredients to achieve the very best skin care results for acne, hyperpigmentation, aging and sensitive skin.

Everything is designed using only the finest most innovative natural skincare ingredients and is formulated in the United States.

We proudly offer consumer retail homecare and professional-only Enzyme, Acid, and Chemical Peel products.

When you treat your skin in the right way, it can change your perspective of yourself inside and out. You can increase your self-esteem, feel more positive and have great confidence.

Our skincare range is distributed exclusively through our Spa partners in professional skincare centers, medical spas, and luxury salon spas around the world.

We know you need to nurture and nourish your skin so your appearance can empower and embolden you.

Our active non-prescription skincare line covers the full spectrum of cosmeceutical ingredients.

We offer a complete range of professional in-clinic and homecare treatment protocols for Acne-prone, Sensitive, Brightening, and Pro-Aging.

Each skin condition category is designed with personalized product and treatment plans that are based on each clients’ unique skin needs.

Skincare Designed Specifically for you Without Sacrificing Quality and Value

We want you to experience a medical spa-grade facial regimen that can be used with ease and efficiency in your own home.

For us, using today’s most innovative high-performance ingredients is incredibly rewarding work.

Why? Because it gives us the ability to offer you the best value and quality in skincare that gets results.

“I’m 50 and I have aging skin right now. I wanted to target that. So, I used a combination of the enhancing and brightening lines, and I’ve noticed a huge difference. It’s not going to take everything away, but it has helped with under-eye darkness. Just to have my skin feeling and looking brighter, and tighter gives me more confidence. And it was only a couple of months.

Deann Smith, Salon owner, Little Rock, Arkansas

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