An Esthetician’s Successful Journey to Creating
The Premier Clinical Skincare Brand: Institut’ DERMed

Founded by Master Aesthetician Lyn Ross, Institut’ DERMed is a non-prescription medical-grade skincare brand designed for the skin-conscious person who wants to look good and feel good.

Lyn is a skincare icon and successful entrepreneur that has created the Institut’ DERMed Method of innovative ingredients, practical techniques and easy to follow treatment processes for visible skincare results so you “love your skin when you look in the mirror”.

Lyn came up with the idea of developing her own skincare line based on her own experience of not feeling good about herself after struggling with acne skin as a teenager and on into adulthood.

Destiny would lead Lyn to becoming one of the first licensed estheticians in the United States, opening her Institut’ DERMed Spa in Atlanta in1989 – The very first MedSpa in the Southeastern United States.

A relentless researcher Lyn began working with Cosmetic Dermatologists to better understand acne.
At the time most available treatments for acne were by prescription only.

That’s when she realized that there really weren’t any effective non-prescription treatments and homecare products for people like her.

Lyn’s Para- medical Venture To Create The Beauty Industry’s Best Products

Lyn wanted to give other women the ability to feel great about themselves by providing the best non-prescription medical skincare ingredients available.

Empowering others with effective facial and body treatments and an at home regimen that would boost their self-esteem.

Since then, Lyn has helped women, men and teens overcome skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and sunspots, using her non-prescription medical-grade skincare brand.

Lyn’s vision also included providing training on her advanced treatments and products to support other spa owners and estheticians.

She founded the Institut’ DERMed College of Advanced Aesthetics, an Esthetician Training Center for licensed skin care professionals.

Lyn’s vision now includes a premier MedSpa in Atlanta, Georgia, the Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare product brand, and an advanced training facility for skincare professionals.


In The Beginning…

“I remember being in the department store with my mom as a child when she was buying all these magic creams.”

“I always thought she looked like Marilyn Monroe.”

“I wanted to be too, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t one of the girls that I admired with their perfect skin and hair, like the homecoming queen.”

“I struggled with acne as a young girl. My first break out was when I was 11!”

“I know first-hand how having problem skin can have a huge effect on a teenager’s self-esteem.”

“I still vividly remember going to a boyfriend’s prom with a massive breakout on my face. I tried to cover up my embarrassment by layering on heavy makeup.”

“I’m sure wearing heavy makeup didn’t help because there also weren’t any good cleansing products back then to effectively clean the skin.”

“My personal experience has always been the drive behind my passion for using good ingredients and formulating them in a way that they are simple, clean, and active.”

“When you treat your skin with the right product ingredients, it can change your skin and your perspective of yourself inside and out.”

“The fact that I can help other people overcome their insecurities fulfils me so much”

Discovering the Key To Skincare Rejuvenation By Combining Nature With Science

“It wasn’t until my early 30’s when I was prescribed a glycolic acid product for my acne. That’s when I witnessed my acne pimples beginning to go away.”

“I had this ‘a ha’ moment, why not create a brand of non-prescription glycolic acid products that I could use in my Spa treatments to help people like myself?”

“A facial can be more than just a facial. It’s a self-esteem booster. People walk in feeling ‘less than.’ And they walk out feeling ‘better than’.”

“They see their skin visibly improve and project their inner light, so they literally glow walking out. We call this the DERMed Glow! “

“It’s such a gift for me to do that for another human being.”

“I believe the glycolic acid ingredient was a miracle skin-game changer, and it still is a miracle, even though today we have many effective ingredients to work with.”

“But, while we have effective ingredients, if they’re not put into a formulation in the right amounts they still don’t work.”

“Product concentration and how you apply the product is the real key to successful skincare.”

“I don’t bottle fairy dust, extensive research and testing goes into every one of my products.”

“The formula and how you use it, is really what makes the DERMed difference.”

“I like to say at Institut’ DERMed we give you the best products AND teach you how to use them.”