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A Summer Body is Sculpted in Winter❣️

January is a great month to get started with a series of non-surgical, skin tightening, body sculpting rejuvenation treatments.
Endermologie is the only FDA-approved and non-invasive method designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This body contouring treatment is painless and non-invasive. The Endermology machine uses massaging motorized rollers to smooth target areas of excess fat, firm up loose areas of skin and contour and sculpt the body. The treatment also improves the blood flow in the body, helping to flush out toxins and promote the body’s natural production of collagen. The massaging treatment also helps to relieve tension! Best results are achieved with a series of 10 treatments. But check it out this month with our Introductory Package of 4 and see what Endermology can do for you!

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Take control of your Health, Energy, Self Confidence and Quality of Life!

NEW Wellness Treatments from Institut’ DERMed Spa!
Schedule your complimentary private consultation with our regenerative nurse practitioner Sabrina Peoples ARNP today!
• Medical Weight Loss
• For Women – Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)- using pellets, creams or gels
• For Men – Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)- using injectables, creams or gels
• Peptide Therapy for immunity, weight loss, youth factor, tissue repair and sexual enhancement
• Platelet-rich Plasma Microneedling – Facial
• Platelet-rich Plasma Microneedlling – Hair Restoration
• Vitamin injectables – energy enhancement, immunity and weight loss
• Professional grade oral supplements
• Botox/Xeomin

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A Beautiful Complexion Starts Here


Institut’ DERMed Treatment Kits contain six essential daily facial care products to maintain your skin at home.

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