Institut Dermed Products frequently asked questions

What is the company policy on freight distribution into countries that do not have a local/regional distributor?2019-10-31T16:02:53+00:00

The client is responsible for all applicable duties, brokerage cost and General Sales Tax cost on the total order amount.

What are your policies on returned goods due to damage, defect, client allergic reaction, & client satisfaction?2019-10-31T16:02:33+00:00
  • Damage: Damages must be reported to Institut’ DERMed upon arrival with a complete description of the conditions of the outer packaging and contents. Please reserve all original packaging. Damages must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of goods.
  • Defect: Defective product reported within 10 business days will be replaced at no charge. Product may not be returned beyond 3 months of purchase date for any reason.
  • Client allergy/reaction: Clients need to be educated on product ingredients prior to sale. Product may be exchanged for product credit only. A 25% restocking fee will apply to all authorized returns. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.
  • Client satisfaction: Client satisfaction is important to us. Please return products with a detailed explanation of customers return.
What is the size of your classes?2019-10-31T16:01:52+00:00

Class space is limited to 10 students to provide for individual attention.

What training programs and technical support do you offer?2019-10-31T16:01:38+00:00

Institut DERMed offers monthly advanced training for licensed skin care professionals. Topics include: a 5 Day Medical Aesthetic Certification course and a 3 Day Cosmedical Aesthetic Certification course as well as a variety of 1 Day classes. Check the Class Calendar for the most recent class schedules. All classes include a training manual and hands on instruction. Please see detailed information about these courses by going to the training tab.

What key active ingredients or proprietary elements does your line feature?2019-10-31T15:48:54+00:00
  • Aging: retinol, spintraps, C-beta glucosamine, epidermal growth factor, pregnenolone, glycosaminoglycan, glycolic acid polymer, co-q10 enzume, L-glutathione, L-ascorbic acid.
  • Sensitive: hydrocortisone, L-lactic acid, licorice root extract, evening primrose oil, algae extract, titanium dioxide, D-beta glucosamine, bisabolol, papaya enzyme, green tea extract, L-glutathione, spin trap.
  • Brightening: salicylic acid, L-lactic acid, glycolic acid polymer, D-beta-glucosamine, cranberry extract, gallic acid, L-glutathione, L-superoxide, parsol,vitamin-K, L-ascorbic acid, hydroquinone, kojic acid, arbuten, bromelain enzyme.
  • Oily: glycolic acid, salicylic acid, pumpkin enzyem, niacinamide, D-beta-glucosamine, L-asxorbic acid, L-glutathione, spin traps, allantoin, epidermal growth factor, tea tree oil, titanium dioxide, eucalyptus essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, calendula oil, chamomile extract, sulfur, camphor.
What is the scope of the product line?2019-10-31T15:48:39+00:00

Institut DERMed offers a full line of professional treatment protocols and high performance home care products specifically formulated to:

  • rejuvenate cell renewal and help to maintain the moisture balance necessary for radiant skin
  • be non-comedogenic and non-irritating for sensitive skin types
  • reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone for a vibrant glowing skin
  • reduce the appearance of oil to help clarify pores
How would you define the concept/brand identity of this product line?2019-10-31T15:48:20+00:00

We give you the best skin care products and teach you how to use them. Institut DERMed products are formulated and packaged to address all skin types as well as specific skin conditions. The correct identification of skin color, skin type and condition is key to successful cosmeceutical product selection and treatment. Most individuals have a combination of skin types plus one or more conditions. Each category is color coded, creating personalized product and treatments based on the individual needs and allowing for synergistic treatments of multiple skin conditions that give visible results.

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