Have More Control Over the Way You AgeThe skin is the largest organ of the body and works beautifully as a shield to keep environmental toxins out of the body. The skin‘s purpose is to prevent these toxins from penetrating the body’s delicate internal machinery. Most people don’t realize that the skin and hair have evolved filtration functions. Skin, for example, keeps impurities out by electro-statically filtering chemicals out of the air and concentrating these polluted cells in the epidermal barrier cells, before shedding them.

Unfortunately, environmental chemicals (i.e.: iron and lead), exposure to radiation (i.e.: UV rays, X-rays, etc), pollution, inappropriate diet and stress are highly toxic to the human body. The skin cannot shed itself fast enough to keep these elements from damaging the underlying physiological process. This is one reason why skin cancer has become the most common malignancy in mankind.

Of all the therapies addressing skin-disorders, anti-oxidants ability to combat oxidative stress remains the most popular. Oxidative stress is the damage caused to skin cells by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules without electrons, which attached to healthy molecules with electrons in order to achieve their own stabilization. It is transformed into another free radical, triggering a chain reaction that can produce thousands of free radicals in seconds. The damage caused by these free radicals is cellular breakdown. Surface damage manifests itself in superficial lines, deep wrinkles, dry skin, loss of elasticity and skin discoloration. In the deeper levels of the skin, free radicals can destroy the collagen and elastin support system, damage DNA and enzymes, impair immune functions and originate tissue deterioration.

Modern research and scientific technology have made it possible to prevent cellular destruction. Potent ingredient compounds called anti-oxidants develop and become free radical scavengers. They are called scavengers because of their ability to provide electrons to the free radical cells. They attach to the anti-oxidant electrons, rendering them harmless before they can attach to healthy cells and trigger a destructive chain reaction. These topically applied anti-oxidant ingredients are at the heart of the Institut’ DERMed Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products.