It's Chemical Peel Season

The first weeks of the new year are a time of new promises and commitment. And it’s the perfect time of the year for New Skin Resolutions. Add a professional peel to your skin care routine to exfoliate those dry winter skin cells and replenish your skin barrier with a hydrating facial serum and moisturizing lotion customized to your skin type.

Although you can choose to get a chemical peel any time of the year, the best time to have one is now! A chemical peel during cool, winter months means your skin is better protected as it heals because the sun is less intense. Post holiday time, when most people were just too busy, or unable to allow enough time to keep a low profile for peel recovery, also means January is an optimal month for this kind of treatment.

All enzyme and acid peels are instrumental in the stimulation of fibroblasts and creating new collagen by prompting the body to:

– Rev-up the rate of cell renewal
– Encourage the production of collagen and elastin
– Cause the outermost layers of the epidermis to slough off
– Reveal new fresh skin cells

The benefits of a medium-depth chemical peel like the TCA+ Cream Peel are a significantly brighter more even skin tone, softer appearance of deeper wrinkles and a collagen and elastin production boost, giving your skin a true lift.

Institut’ Dermed Clinical Skincare has a variety of chemical peels solutions to best suit your skin type and condition:

Discover the magic behind each peel:

TCA+ Cream Peel: Unleash the magical skin renewing power of our favorite Trichoracetic Acid blended with Mandelic Acid to lift aged skin layers, soften the appearance of deeper wrinkles and fade dark spots.

Perfect Lifting Acid Peel: This 14% Jessner’s like Acid Peel is crafted based on Dr. Max Jessner’s legacy, and blends Resorcinol, Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic Acid for a medium-depth peel targeting skin concerns like dark spots, sun damage, acne, and fine lines.

Classic Lifting Acid Peel: this 7% Jessner’s like peel formulated with Salicylic, Lactic, Resorcinol and Pomegranate Extract is excellent for the accelerated fading of dark spots and discoloration.

Micro Lifting Vitamin C Peel: A creative modification, perfect for more sensitive skin types, combining Ascorbic, Salicylic and Malic Acid, Papain and Bromelain Enzymes in a liquid peel-blend to improve the skin’s texture, diminish the appearance of uneven skin tone and encourage collagen production.

Talk to your skin care professional to help better determine what peel is best suited to your skin type and condition!

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