Acne 101 - The best ingredients for your skin.Acneic skin disorders occur as the result of excessive sebum or oil production that have mixed with keratinized dead skin cells inside the hair follicle. This can create a micro-plug, also known as a comedone. There are a variety of lesions that can appear as blackheads, pimples, pustules, papules, cysts, and nodules on the face, chest, and back.

The classification for lesions that helps us discern the severity of acneic skin conditions is called the Dr. Kligman’s acne grading scale.  The “Acne grade” will determine the frequency and types of treatment needed and the duration as well as the intensity of the product needed both in-clinic and for home care to control the acne.

Topical cosmeceuticals used in clinical skincare treatment products  are addressing primarily acne grades I,II, and III.  Acne grades IV, V and VI may actually need a combination of dermatologic intervention, so that would be  prescription drugs as well as topical treatments.

Exfoliating regularly helps to clear dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, opening up pores and clearing out dirt and oil.  The Institut’ DERMed Clarifying Cleanser containing potent acne fighting Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic acids not only exfoliates but also helps to lighten and prevent the hyperpigmentation associated with acne discolorations. This is a foaming gel cleanser formulated with an incredible combination of bacteria fighting,  oil controlling ingredients. The Tea Tree and Grapefruit Oils work as anti-bacterial. They are excellent alternatives to benzoyl peroxide which can be very drying to the skin.  The way to use this cleanser is full strength, resting on the skin for 30 to 60 seconds and then add water to suds it up like a soap and then rinse it off with a cleansing tool or wash cloth

If you’re not using a concentrated serum in your acne fighting regimen it’s time to start! We can’t say enough good things about Retinol. Besides being one of the most important anti-aging products available, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, it is also widely and successfully used for the management of acne and keratosis polaris. The Institut’ DERMed Vital A Serum is formulated with Micro-encapsulated L-Retinol. It is designed to be used every night as a P.M. treatment only.  It is also recommended to start your application introducing it slowly to your skin 3 times a week to avoid any side effects such as dry, dehydrated, flaking skin issues. You can gradually increase the frequency of use as tolerance builds.

Glycolic Serum- The Glycolic acid in this serum works in the skin to dissolve the lipid glue between the cells to slough off dead cell matter at an accelerated rate. This helps to prevent excessive oil from mixing with the dead skin cells in the hair follicles. It’s main benefit is clearing blocked pores and helping to suppress the bacteria that can cause acne breakout. Some of our clients with excessively oily skin report that they use this serum as a moisturizer under their mineral makeup and their makeup stays fresh all day!

The best way to incorporate glycolic serum into your regiment is to begin application 3 times a week and then gradually increase use as tolerance allows. Regular use of Glycolic Acid makes the skin more sensitive to the sun so it’s VERY important to wear sunscreen daily to avoid pigmentation and further damage.

For your professional facial treatment goals get started with a deep pore cleansing facial that is designed to get control of the amount of oil being produced by the sebaceous glands. Suppressing bacteria from colonizing in the hair follicle is critical to prevent inflammatory pimples and pustules and the Institut’ DERMed Fundamental Level 101 Clarifying Infusion Facial is an effective way to start accomplishing your clear skin goals. This deep pore cleansing facial is packed with the pore purging anti-bacterials necessary to control oil and prevent breakouts for a confidently clear complexion.

Clinically proven ingredients for healthy radiant skin:

Glycolic Acid: Dissolves and controls oil; Prevents acne.
Salicylic Acid:  Corrects congested pores; Reduces acne.
Pumpkin Enzymes: Sheds dead cell build-up; Decongests clogged pores.
Camphor:Reduces redness; Reduces irritation.
Sulfur: Controls bacteria; Helps release impacted cells.
Totarol: Suppresses bacteria; Natural astringent.
Azelaic Acid: Releases dead skin cells; Prevents skin discolodration.
Tea Tree Oil: Moisture retentive for deep hydration; Stimulates immune response.