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Most people have a nice natural brow shape, it's just a matter of a little tweaking here and there to bring out the best in your brows.

Eyebrows help to emphasize facial expression, enhance the eyes and act as the frame on a beautiful picture. The common denominator all prospective clients have when they come in to have their brows designed is that their brows are either, too thick, too thin, too uneven, too sparse, too light, or that their brows make them look angry, sad or surprised. All of which can be helped by the proper shaping and brow make-up.

The effects can be astounding.

Coloring the brow is best done by layering delicately with DesignaBrow Tint in different shades; using the 103 Detail Liner brush create thin, natural, hair-like strokes to give a much softer look than that of pencil, which can look harsh. Mineral eye shadows can be mixed with the brow wax to customize the color for a perfectly natural look.

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Cetyl Acetate - emollient, moisturizer

Ceresin - binding agent, emulsifier, thickener

Tocopherol (vitamin E) - anti-oxidant

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