Institut' DERMed Cosmetics Camouflage helps to diminish those Under-Eye dark circles as well as covering blemishes. Camouflage Wands and Cover Creams smooth lines and wrinkles, lighten and work to heal the root cause of the dark circles while masking their appearance.

Because our eyes are usually the first thing people see when they look at us, we all want our eyes to appear luminous, beautiful, and youthful. Unfortunately, dark under eye circles can make you look tired. If you’re suffering from dark circles, follow these steps:

1) Start with a clean face. Spritz the face with toner to even out the pH balance in the skin, and follow with a moisturizer and moisturizing eye cream (to prime the entire face and eye area.

2) Apply the Camouflage Cover Wand or Cream(in your shade) under the eye puffiness (if there is any) and along the corners of the eye. Be sure to blend in with the concealer brush for an even finish. Dust a neutral mineral shadow (try a light tan, beige or straw color) in a sweeping motion over the lid to brighten the eyes while maintaining your natural look.