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Wish you could take years off your appearance? While there may not be a mythological Fountain of Youth, at Institut' DERMed there are non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment options that are safe and effective for revealing fresh new skin with improved texture and color.

NEW - The INTRAcel Fractional RF Microneedling, FRM™ Treatment

Institut' Dermed Spa is first in Atlanta to launch an all new Collagen Production Therapy treatment: the INTRAcel! If you are looking for firmer, thicker, rejuvenated skin without the downtime associated with traditional laser treatments, INTRAcel Fractional RF Microneedling technology is the latest in beauty enhancement and skin tightening..

Come see us for a free INTRAcel Fractional RF Microneedling, FRM™, consultation:

INTRAcel Fractional RF Microneedling, FRM™

Collagen Production therapy.

This collagen production treatment system not only tightens skin, but has the capacity to also uniquely change skin quality and texture and continues to do so long after a series of treatments. Fractional RF microneedling technology treats the target area through the rapid penetration of specially designed and patented, insulated micro-needles that do not cause damage to the epidermis. The Radio Frequency energy transmitted stimulates fibroblasts resulting in the production of new collagen. INTRAcel treats wrinkles, sagging jawlines, neck, acne scars, various skin irregularities and stretch marks.

INTRAcel RF Microneedling has 4 Modes to treat any skin layer: FRM monopolar mode for the deeper layers, FRM Bipolar mode for the papillary dermis, SRR Superficial Mode for superficail non-ablative treatments and T-Mode -Topical Non-Rf Mode - for conjunction with topicals; No other system can offer the range of power, modalities, features and benefits of the INTRAcel.

The average number of recommended treatments is 3, spaced four weeks apart. Results usually peak six months after your final treatment and can last for up to 2 years for many clients.


 Single Treatment $1200
Series of 3 $2400


DermaFrac™, for micro-channeling infusion.

Micro-Needling is a skin rejuvenation method that uses a roller with microscopic stainless steel needles in order to correct various skin conditions such as acne scarring, aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation by stimulating the collagen production in the dermis. The Dermafrac™ offers the added benefit of an active infusion of topical serum takes infusion technology to a whole new level.

Dermafrac FAQ's

 Single Treatment $215
Series of 6 $1025

Dermal Pen

Institut' DERMed Medical Spa is now offering the Dermal Pen!

The Dermal Pen is an automated Micro Needling device that creates microscopic channels deep into the dermis of the skin, which stimulates your own body to produce new collagen. A relatively new innovation in aesthetic medicine this treatment improves your skin by facilitating natural skin repair and collagen and elastin production, making the skin stronger and thicker. Visible diminishing of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Results for all skin types.

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Series of 6 $1075

Micro Needle Roller Treatments

The micro needle roller (also called derma roller) is a small hand-held rolling device which has micro surgical steel needles that reach the inner surface of the skin to promote skin repair from the inside out. To achieve the therapeutic benefit, the roller is rolled on the skin in multiple directions and hence the name 'derma' roller. Micro needle Rollers are supported by clinical studies to be effective in non-surgical treatment for a variety of skin conditions. These include aging, (wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks), scarring (acne and surgical), cellulite and hyperpigmentation. Results for all skin types.

Series of 6 $1075

Hydra Facial

At Institut' DERMed Medical Spa we also have clinical treatments for sensitive skin types. The Hydra Facial is a moisturizing skin resurfacing system that exfoliates while infusing specific serums for deep cleansing and correction of age related skin conditions. Treatment includes: surface cleansing, hydra facial procedure, selected mask, hydration and sun protection.

HydraFacial FAQ's

  60 mins
Series of 6 $750
Add on Lymphatic Drainage $75
Add on Crystal Free Microdermabrasion $75


The most natural way to evenly and safely exfoliate the skin without chemicals and one of Institut' DERMed Spa's most requested procedures. Microdermabrasion may be added to a facial for greater results.

Series of 6 $475


Exfoliates the outer most layers of dead skin cells as well as removes facial hair leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple, and vibrant. This non-invasive manual exfoliation procedure may be performed as an alternative peel procedure or added to any facial treatment or peel to increase product penetration and results.

Series of 6 $475


ThermaTouch is a quick treatment that uses a tiny, sterile probe to remove skin tags and eliminate broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, and other small blemishes on the skin. Each ThermaTouch session takes just 15 - 20 minutes.

Time: 15- 20 Mins



LED Light Rejuvenation

Red Light stimulates collagen production, reduces skin redness and helps to penetrate products formulated for deep hydration. Blue Light suppresses bacteria and reduces acne breakouts.

Series of 6 $375

LED Light Rejuvenation FAQ's


LPG Endermologie

A mechanical deep tissue massage using a patented FDA approved suction roller compression therapy to increase circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten the skin and smooth contours of the body.

  20 Mins 40 Mins
  $60 $110
Series of 6: $300 $550

LPG Endermologie FAQ's


MicroCurrent Facial

Non-surgical, non-invasive Facial Contouring - shapes the neck and jawline with electro muscle stimulation to contour and tone these problematic areas. Treats fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and aged skin. Each treatment is tailored to individual requirements.

Time: 60 Mins
Price: $100
Series of 4: $300
Series of 8: $700

Microcurrent with Microdermabrasion

Time: 75 Mins
Price: $150
Series of 4: $450
Series of 8: $1050

MicroCurrent FAQ's



RadioFrequency (RF) for Skin Tightening

Compared to other skin tightening treatments, RF does not damage the epidermis (outer skin layer) in any way. The radiofrequency energy or light energy heats the deeper skin layers during the treatment to boost collagen. Perfect for clients who want optimal skin rejuvenation with no downtime! Ask about our combination package of LPG Endermologie and RF treatments! The combination of Radio Frequency and Endermology in clients with cellulite achieves excellent results after a series of treatments.

60 mins $299
Series of 6 $1495

"The whole staff was wonderful and the experience will be repeated! I recommend a visit to everyone who is able. My face never felt better. Thank you" loisb , Atlanta, GA