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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month!

Photo-aging is often the first sign that your skin has been damaged from sun exposure. Targeting dark spots that often result from over exposure to sunlight is best achieved with regular treatments containing active ingredients such as those contained in the Institut’ DERMed Fundamental Level 101 Brightening Infusion Facial. Research has shown that peels, along with other facial-resurfacing techniques, can help in the treatment of precancerous conditions. Includes a complimentary skin analysis!

Pigmented spots are typically referred to as dyschromias, or you may hear them being referred to as dyschromatic lesions which really means discolored skin. Abnormal melanocyte production creates these pigmented areas by over exposure to sun light, hormonal imbalance or an injury response which stimulates melanocyte cell production in order to protect our skin. It is possible to improve this skin condition by fading the appearance of the discoloration. Product ingredients such as Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Chromanyl Palmitate, Licorice Root Extract and Phenylethyl Resorcinol (SymWhite®377) help to slow down this melanocyte activity while exfoliating acids such as Kojic Acid and L-Lactic Acid help to lift and brighten the already existing pigmented areas. Contact us today to schedule a Brightening Infusion Facial and regenerate a youthful appearance and increases skin firmness.


  Dermed brightening infusion facial


Worth A Look!

No time to Spa? No problem. The Institut' DERMed Brightening Peel can be performed at home! Brown spots, known as hyper-pigmentation, can be caused by UVA & UVB light and after years of sun exposure these dark spots begin to show on our faces, hands and body. Many of the treatments for photoaging not only restore a more youthful appearance, but also reduce the risk for developing precancers. Cosmeceutical skincare products such as the Institut DERMed Brightening Peel can make a visible difference in the appearance of photo-damaged skin, gently removing dead skin cells and evening skin tone for a healthy glow.

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NEW!!! Institut DERMed Spa launches the INTRAcel Fractional RF MicroneedlingTreatment!

Described as the best high- tech treatment in the cosmetic world, INTRAcel Fractional RF Microneedling, FRM, has arrived at Institut' DERMed Spa in Atlanta. Institut' DERMed Spa is one of the few places in the country performing the revolutionary INTRAcel treatment originating from South Korea.

An ideal treatment for sagging jawlines, jowls, crepey necks, smokers lines, crows feet, acne scars and stretch marks. There is minimal downtime after an INTRAcel treatment which is one of the reasons it is so popular with Hollywood A-Listers.

A course of 3 treatments spaced four weeks apart is recommended for optimum results.!

Ask us about INTRAcel today! Free consultation! 404- 261-5199.