OHO Repairing 20+10

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OHO Repairing 20+10 Cream for face and body assists in cell renewal and removal of dead cells on all types of skin, particularly in scaling, very dry and aged skin.

Can be used with topical and/or oral corticoids and other medicines.
Quickly absorbed.
Excellent tolerability and efficacy on the face and body.
Leaves no greasy residue.
With OHO Biologic Formulation as its main ingredient.
No preservatives, no colours, no parabens.
Contains urea.
From the outside in action.


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Topical use on the face and body.

Apply on the affected area once or twice a day. Do not use on areas with acne.

When using as an antiaging treatment, combine with OHO Regenerating Gelified Oil, alternating application, or using OHO Regenerating Gelified Oil 15 minutes after application.

Combining application of OHO Cell Renewal Cream, OHO Regenerating Gelified Oil and oral intake of OHO Biologic Formulation -OHO Oil- accelerates remission of acute skin scaling conditions and reduces their frequency; in addition to providing systemic benefits.

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Clinically proven ingredients for healthy radiant skin.

Cell renewal for:
Scaling skin.
Hyperkeratotic skin.
Thickened skin.
Callused skin.
Skin with conditions requiring cell renewal.
Can be used on sensitive skin.
Preparing the skin for skin regeneration treatments.
Indicated for children, adults and elderly people.


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