OHO Oleomoisturising Bath Gel

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The OHO Oleomoisturising Bath Gel is effective for cleansing, nourishing and protecting of atopic, sensitive, dry and very dry, slightly scaling or irritated skin.

Continued use helps prevent microbe proliferation and colonisation of irritated skin. Facilitates the skin cell differentiation process.
Facilitates skin oleomoisturising, ensuring adequate moisture levels in the skin, with a from the outside in action.
Physiological pH (5.5).
Produces little foam during use.
Quickly absorbed.
Leaves no "oily" skin sensation.
Mild fragrance.
With OHO Biologic Formulation as its main ingredient.
No preservatives, no colours, no parabens.

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Topical use.

Apply on damp skin during your daily shower or bath.

Can be applied on the hair.

Rinse with plenty of water. It is recommended to use OHO Oleomoisturising Emulsion after the shower or bath on dry skin for maximum absorption. [tab name="Ingredients"]

Clinically proven ingredients for healthy radiant skin.

Daily hygiene of: Atopic skin Sensitive skin Dry and extremely dry skin Scaling skin Irritated skin Itching Indicated for children, adults and elderly people.

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