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Institut' DERMed presents Lyn Ross L.M.E., Professional Aesthetics Advanced Training Video Series.

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Each video contains an overview of the procedure and guided demostration performed by Master Esthetician Lyn Ross, founder of Institut' DERMed Clinical Skincare.

A valuable resource of skills training for esthetic professionals who recognize that many clients today are seeking advanced treatments for skin conditions such as acne, aging, sun damaged skin, sensitivity,
and hyperpigmentation.

Learn With Lyn - The Institut' Dermed Method of Fundamental, Advanced and Intensive treatment applications.

Complete DVD Set of 12 Treatment and Product Knowledge Training Videos:

1: Pre-Treatment Cleansing Protocol Training. (Proper makeup removal for optimal cleansing results and peel prep.)
2: Acupressure Point Massage Training. (Fabulous massage technique and protocol that can be incorporated during and after a clinical facial.)
3: Level 101 Facial Treatment Training. (Complete Level 101 Facial Treatment Protocol.)
4: Level 201 Herbal Peel Treatment Training. (Pancreatin Enzyme Peel Protocol.)
5: Level 201 Pumpkin Peel Treatment Training. (15% Pumpkin Peel Protocol.)
6: Level 201 Lactic+ Peel Treatment Training. (20% Lactic Acid Peel Protocol.)
7: Level 201 Glycolic+ Peel Treatment Training. (30% Glycolic Acid Peel Protocol.)
8: Level 201 Retinol+ Peel Treatment Training. (Combination of 10% Retinol and 20% Lactic Acid Peel Protocol.)
9: Level 301 Classic Lifting Peel Training (7% Jessner's Type Peel)
10: Level 301 Perfect Lifting Peel Training (14% Jessner's Type Peel)
11. Level 301 Flash Peel (20% TCA Flash Peel)
12: Level 301 Supreme Lifting Peel Training (20% TCA Peel)

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