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Cosmeceuticals have long been the fastest growing segment in skincare and nanotechnology is now an exciting delivery system for these active ingredients.

Nano-cosmeceuticals have emerged as the defense frontier in skin rejuvenation with the encapsulation of ingredients to protect and enhance effectiveness.
In the past topical solutions for aging skin were limited due to an ingredients inability to reach the area where the proteins, responsible for aging, (collagen and elastin), are housed. Now these active ingredients can reach further to rejuvenate the skin right where it is needed the most.
Examples of nanotechnology applications in Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare include:
 Micro-encapsulated Retinol, seen in the Vital A Serum
 Stem cells help deliver ingredients where they are needed to prevent the appearance of aging of the skin, seen in the Anti-oxidant Peptide Lifting Serum.

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"What You See In The Mirror Is In Your Control."

Vital A Serum  58 USD

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