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Friday, 11 July 2008 16:04

Common Disorders of the Skin

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A healthy skin is slightly moist, soft and elastic.  Its texture is ideally smooth, fine grained and it is free from disease or disorder.  The skin under normal conditions is resistant and self renewing.  The skin forms the boundary between the external world and the internal organs.  Its main function is to provide a protective covering against micro-organisms and other harmful substances/ but it also performs other functions:

Provides heat regulation by controlling sweat evaporation
Provides a system that allows for cell renewal
Provides a waste disposal system, ridding the body of toxins
Provides a sensory perception
Provides a tough outer net giving form to the body
Provides protection from UV radiation

Saturday, 07 June 2008 16:54

Skin Facts

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On average, your epidermis (the outermost layer of skin) regenerates new cells every 27 to 37 days. (14 days for a 20 year old, 37 days for a 50 year old)

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One of the main reasons I wanted to start this Blog is to thank you for your continued belief in the advanced treatments and products I created to bridge the gap between medicine and aesthetics so many years ago. I didn’t have a name for it when I started my clinical skin care practice in 1989 but in 1994 this hybrid category of care became know as cosmeceutical skin care. My dream then is still my vision today. To provide innovation and education on skin medicines which promise skin perfecting results.

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