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Institut’ DERMed secures International Distribution in New Zealand

Atlanta, GA. August 1, 2008.  New Zealand, one of the world’s closest geographical locations to the sun has taken on a new ally in its fight to solve skin care conditions presented by its population.  Women, men and teens suffering from issues such as severe acne, rosacea and hyper pigmentation will now be afforded the opportunity to correct and prevent reoccurrences with curative skincare courtesy of Institut' DERMed.

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Take a holistic approach to your surgery procedure by developing a treatment plan with a beginning, a middle, and an end:

the pre-operative stimulating regimen
the surgery
the post-operative healing regimen

While we recognize that the surgery itself is an important part of the process, equally important are pre and post op skin care treatments. It is this combination that yields the most positive surgical results, from accelerated healing and improved appearance to increased patient comfort and satisfaction.

Saturday, 23 August 2008 16:38

Topical Non-prescription Treatments for Acne

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Topical non-prescription treatments for acne work by reducing oil production, speeding up cellular turnover and fighting bacteria. Results from Acne treatments may be seen as soon as the program starts. However, for long term acne control and healing, following a regime of professional clinical interventions combined with home care compliance is the key to success. Prior to starting treatment it is recommended to see a licensed Esthetician. Your Esthetician may recommend one or more of the following treatments for acne:

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