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Friday, 02 March 2018 20:23

Say Goodbye to Winter Skin

InstitutDermed blog ExfoliationHeading into Spring there may still be some unexpectedly cooler temperatures here and there, but the evenings are starting to stay brighter longer and the days noticeably more sunny. Early Spring is the perfect time to say goodbye to dry, winter skin and prepare your face and body for spending more time outdoors.

Exfoliation is the process of removing dry, damaged skin cells from the surface of the skin; Exfoliation helps to increase skin regeneration, boost elasticity and create a smoothness (minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles). Natural aging may be unavoidable but exfoliation contributes to “healthy skin aging” by delaying or preventing the visible appearance of skin aging. Strengthening your skin’s ability to retain moisture is the key to youthful looking skin.

The more hydrated your skin is, the more youthful it will look and moisturizing on top of a layer of dead dry skin buildup won't accomplish much. Dry winter skin can also just feel itchy and uncomfortable and clog pores leading to more breakouts if you are acne prone.

Using both a topical and a physical exfoliant in a skin care regime will keep those dead, dry skin cells at bay. An exfoliating scrub such as the Enhancing Micro Crystal Polish with corundum crystals and jojoba beads and an exfoliating peel such as the Brightening peel with Lactic Acid will also break up pigmented areas, sloughing off those damaged skin cells to help even the skin tone and brighten for a gorgeous healthy glow.

In clinic this is a great time of the year to add on a professional peel, a microdermabrasion or a dermaplaning to your regular facial treatment. Spring is here - get your Dermed glow on!

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015 19:25

Summer Complexion Perfection for the Body –

Glycolic acid is part of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family, naturally occurring acids found in many foods. These acids include Glycolic Acid from sugar cane, Lactic Acid from milk, Malic Acid from apples, Tanic or Tartic Acid from grapes and Citric Acids. The leading AHA is glycolic Acid. The microscopic structure of Glycolic Acid enables it to achieve the greatest penetration into the skin layers bringing about the most dramatic results.

When Glycolic Acid is applied to the skin in the form of a professional peel, it dissolves a glue-like substance in the epidermal layer that causes a build up of dead skin cell layers. These dead skin cells make the skin appear dull, coarse and dehydrated. Glycolic Acid loosens this cellular cement and safely lifts away hardened dead skin cells.

Glycolic Acid is a phenomenal resurfacing agent that noticeably lightens hyper-pigmentation areas, helps to clear acne and reduce acne scarring. It is also a powerful anti-aging tool showing unparalleled results for smoothing and firming the skin.

Benefits of exfoliating with glycolic acid:

  • Smooth and soften skin’s texture
  • Exposes healthier more hydrated skin cells
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Increases number of skin cells in the Dermis
  • Postpones aging and deeper wrinkles
  • Assists in lightening hyper-pigmentation
  • Reduces the formation of blackheads and acne
  • Corrects acne oily prone skin
  • Improves skin elasticity

It is not uncommon for Glycolic Acid to sting upon application, especially during the early stages of use. Generally, the skin quickly adjusts and stinging dissipates after a few minutes. Post peel the skin may be slightly red for 24 hours and will recover quickly. There is no post peel down time.

At home maintain your body peel results with the Enhancing Glycolic Body Lotion—a rich, body lotion with an exfoliating action that dissolves dead-skin cell buildup allowing the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate the dry areas where it is most needed. Exceptionally hydrating yet absorbs quickly. Get some today and rock that summer dress with smooth beautiful skin.

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