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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 10:29

Rosacea Rundown

April is National Rosacea Awareness month and we wanted to give you the run down on the skin disorder that now affects more than 16 million Americans. With the spring and summer sun promising warmer weather, it’s important for rosacea sufferers to be aware of their condition and to take precautions against the heat and other lifestyle factors that can cause flare ups. Read on for facts on this skin condition and tips for dealing with it…

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Thursday, 31 January 2013 18:06

Treatment Spotlight: Microdermabrasion

In our treatment spotlights we like to give you the most relevant information for you, as client and consumer, to make the most educated decision on what skin care procedures are the right fit for you and your skin. We know with new procedures, including surgical and non-invasive, hitting the market every day, it can be hard to keep up. Microdermabrasion, is a method of mechanical exfoliation that naturally, evenly, and safely exfoliates the skin to remove signs of aging, dead skin, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and blackheads. It is one of our most requested treatments that rejuvenates the skin leaving it looking softer and brighter.

Here are 5 things you should know about Microdermabrasion:

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Friday, 11 January 2013 17:48

Natural Remedies to Benefit Your Body

Incorporating these 4 Ingredients in Your Diet can Boost Your Health 

Cinnamon is not just for Chai Latte’s anymore! Just because cinnamon tastes good, doesn’t mean it can’t work wonders for your body. In fact, according to Ayurveda (a traditional eastern medicine), cinnamon can help to treat cold symptoms, speed up your metabolism, and battle indigestion. Add a teaspoon to your morning oatmeal and this spice with a high polyphenol count will even work to lower cholesterol.

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Thursday, 12 July 2012 13:02

Introducing Institut' DERMed Cosmetics!

An inside interview with Lyn Ross, skin care guru and Institut’ DERMed Founder, about the latest in mineral makeup


Why did you decide to add a cosmetics line to the Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin Care Brand?

Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin Care products are formulated using only the highest quality active ingredients found in  the cosmeceutical skin care industry today. I wanted to expand our brand into mineral cosmetics because all mineral makeup is not created equal. So I decided to develop formulations using the finest quality minerals available and offer them through a custom palette concept to those beauty specialists that have the highest standards in skin health.


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