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Friday, 08 March 2013 15:27

Blackhead Breakdown

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Just because you do not suffer from breakouts, does not mean you aren't plagued with those little black dots on your nose and face. Blackheads, the clearly visible black dots that appear on the surface of the skin are one of the most common conditions of the skin. There is a massive misconception that blackheads are caused by dirt, but they aren't!  They are actually caused when your pores are plugged with oil; the oil on the surface then oxidizes making it appear black. Scrubbing your face vigorously when you see blackheads will not help!

Grade 1 acne consists predominantly of blackheads with an occasional inflamed zit. So if you are seeing a lot of blackheads on your skin this might be the condition that is affecting your skin.  A lot of people have excess oil in their T-zone (which includes the nose area) so blackheads are commonly seen there. If you’re tired of the blackheads on your face remember the old adage “An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure” and stop them before they start with these tips.

1) Just because washing your face will not rid your face of blackheads, does not mean it is not a crucial step in preventing them. Have a routine of washing your face twice a day.

2) Follow your daily cleansing with a Toner. Spritz a toner formulated with witch hazel (an excellent natural ingredient with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits) onto a cotton pad and gently wipe your face. This will remove the leftover dirt, oil, and makeup that cleansing alone can miss. Not to mention it will balance the pH of your skin, keeping your oil production in check

3) Treat your skin with Salicylic Acid.  This BHA will help to breakdown blackheads once they have appeared. But it works as an excellent preventative because it causes the skin to shed more easily, prevent pores from becoming blocked, while at the same time allowing room for new cells to grow.

4) Don’t touch. Keep those hands off your face, especially in oily areas or the areas you are prone to breakouts and blackheads. You touch an enormous amount of things and day and by touching your face you are spreading that oil, dirt and bacteria.

5) Get monthly treatments. Maintain a skin care treatment routine with your esthetician to get your skin in its best shape yet. Start with deep pore cleansing treatments to thoroughly clean out your pores, get necessary extractions by a professional (don’t try it at home!) and ask for an exfoliation add on like Microdermabrasion to keep blackheads in check!



We hope these tips help in your battle against blackheads! Do you have any other tricks or tips that have worked for you?