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Thursday, 20 June 2013 15:22

Cosmetic Camouflage

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Tips to Cover Unwanted Redness & Even Skin Tone

Camouflage makeup is something we’re asked about constantly here at DERMed whether by chronic acne sufferers, rosacea and sensitive skin types, and even those who have recently undergone chemical peels or cosmetic surgery. While camouflage makeup is a great tool for covering up skin concerns and making the skin look flawless, remember to obtain approval if you plan to camouflage (or use any cosmetic product) after undergoing a medical procedure.

Once you’ve gotten the all clear, keep in mind these tips to easy camouflage:

Choose your Shade. Choose a shade of mineral with a concentrated pigment as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Remember the main goal of camouflage makeup is to look natural while using a mineral makeup to avoid irritating the skin.

Layer your Minerals. Don’t try to cover everything at once. Apply the minerals layer by layer for the best cover. Don’t worry about layering minerals over sensitive skin, the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in the makeup will help calm it.

Don’t Drag. Use a flocked sponge for blending the product and stippling it onto the skin rather than dragging the product with a traditional cosmetic sponge (which can cause an uneven look).

Wait a few Minutes. If your minerals look powdery on your skin, wait a few minutes before applying another layer. The skin’s natural oil will emerge; if not use a facial hydration spray and pat the moisture into the skin.

Hydrate. Use a mineral setting mist to help hydrate and calm the skin. Also, for dryness feel free to apply a moisturizer lightly on top of the minerals by patting over the applied makeup. The moisturizer will absorb into the minerals for a hydrated look and feel.

For more makeup tips and an in-depth makeup lesson by Lyn Ross visit here.