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Friday, 25 January 2013 18:21

Transform Your Day Time Look, To Night Time Chic

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We’re all constantly in a rush. Your meeting ran late, you get stuck in traffic on your way home, but you have to be out to meet the girls, meet your latest beau for a drink, or be on time for dinner reservations with your significant other. Whatever the reason, you need quick and easy tricks to turn your daytime natural into an evening look to WOW.  The fastest and most effective way to transform your look is with your lip color so here are some tips to get ready in a flash…

FIRST, Apply your Camouflage Cover Wand in your shade under the eye area to brighten eye area after a long day.

NEXT, Use your Kabuki brush to dust your face with your Mineral Foundation to even skin tone.

THEN, Because you plan on applying a lip color (and because you’re short on time) just dust a neutral mineral shadow (try a light tan, beige or straw color) in a sweeping motion over the lid to brighten the eyes while maintaining your natural look.

TRY using a brown mascara for a less harsh or dramatic eye by sweeping it in a side-to-die motion over the upper and lower lashes.

AFTER your face is ready, it’s time to get started on the lips. Make sure they are clean of lip balm or gloss, and then begin applying a lip pencil by placing a dot on the center of your upper lip, a dot on each section of the raised parts of your upper lip, and three dots along the bottom of your lower lip.

SLOWLY connect the dots, be careful to use light movements and be wary not to make your lines straight. Feel free to go back and fill in areas that need a bit more color after you have finished.

LAST, pick the Lip Gloss in a shade very similar to your Lip Liner. Glosses are ideal because they have a smooth, fluid application making the blending of the liner and gloss simple. Not to mention your lips have a rejuvenated glow. Because the eyes are left in a natural and neutral style, you have more freedom to go bright or dark with your lip color. Try a radiant, passionate red for your date or Jessica Alba’s Golden Globe orange lip color.