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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 17:16

Concealing Dark Circles

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Tips of the Trade on How to Diminish those Under-Eye Enemies

Our eyes are usually the first thing people see when they look at us, and we all want our eyes to appear luminous, beautiful, and youthful. Unfortunately, dark under eye circles leave you looking tired, stressed, and lack luster. If you’re suffering from dark circles, follow these steps to rejuvenate your look.

1)      When applying makeup, you want to start with a clean canvas. Spritz the face with toner to even out the pH balance in the skin, and follow with a moisturizer and  moisturizing eye cream to prime the entire face and eye area.

2)      Apply the Camouflage Cover Wand (in your shade) under the eye puffiness ( if there is any) and along the corners of the eye. This lightweight and creamy concealer will lighten the darkness and because it is formulated with Vitamin E it will work to heal the root cause of the dark circles while masking their appearance.  Be sure to blend in with the concealer brush for an even finish.

3)      Apply a mineral foundation (in your shade) over the eyes and the face for a lightweight and natural look. The micronized minerals are crease resistant so they will not enhance any dryness, wrinkles, or puffiness.

4)      Purple shades of eye shadow work well in the eye crease with a silver, smoky shades work on the outer half of the lid to make eyes stand out while battling the appearance of under eye circles.

5)      Contour the cheek bones with a light mineral blush for a soft glow.

6)      Apply all finishing touches including light mascara and lip pencil or gloss.

Follow these step-by-step instructions and you’ll never have to worry about the appearance of dark circles again!