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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 14:29

Lunch Time Leisure

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3 Treatments You Can Fit in the Middle of any Busy Day



1) Threading

Threading is an ancient service now being added to many salon and spa menus to take care of that unwanted facial hair.  A fresh cotton thread is used, making threading all natural. With no heat or chemical involved, even the most sensitive skin types, or those who prefer all natural treatments, have a hair removal method perfect for them. Another perk is that because threading is natural, it does not result in irritation or sensitivity. It is quick, precise, and cheap, the perfect treatment for a quick lunch break!


2) Reflexology

For those in need of a mid-day relax session, reflexology is a soothing experience that can induce relaxation and relieve stress. Specific reflex points on the feet or hands are targeted to provide relief from a variety of issues in the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive systems. You can get appointments on the half hour so it’s perfect for a quick mid-day boost!



3) Flash Peel

Most chemical peels, for instance a TCA, are left on the skin until they diffuse themselves and after about 7 minutes reach full penetration, your face then peels over  the next 7 to 10 days. But using it as a "flash" peel, which means having it applied and quickly removed it tones and tightens the skin without peeling, leaving it as a quick pick me up. You may see a little bit of flakiness the next day but no actual "peeling". If you think you don’t have time to pamper and make your skin glow after work for that date or event, you’re wrong! This is the ideal treatment to get your skin looking great “in a flash” for a party!