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Monday, 28 November 2011 11:16

What To Expect In Your 20’s, 30’s, and Beyond….

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Aging signs and Effective Treatments


If you’re in your twenties, you're still enjoying a tight collagen and elastin network, wrinkle free skin, with minimal to no hyperpigmentation or discoloration. Wrinkles still seem like a faraway worry, only for “old” people. But, beware. Though you can’t see the effects of aging on your skin yet, how you take care of your skin at this stage effects its aging process. Luckily, there is little to no need for foundation or makeup (Even if you might feel like you can’t leave the house without it). But if you are using makeup, be sure it is a natural mineral makeup, to ensure chemicals aren’t blocking your pores and aging your skin.

You may not be seeing the effects of sun damage at this stage, except for a few freckles that can be considered cute, but sunscreen should be worn daily.  Moisturizer and serums containing alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants should be added to the skin care regime. Monthly facials should occur once a month, if there are no skin concerns that need more attention, in order to have the pores cleared by a professional. Enzyme peels and mild acid peels are excellent treatments for this skin age, as it exfoliates and returns skin to its natural glow. This is the age group known for all-nighters, heavy drinking, and smoking. Good skin health requires sleep, drinking alcohol at a minimum, and absolutely no smoking.


The thirties, unfortunately, wrinkles start arising, especially as skin moves. As you’re looking in the mirror those slight lines around your eyes appear, and you see those creases around your mouth become deeper. Your skin doesn’t seem to pop back into place the way it did when you were in your twenties. Foundation becomes a little more necessary during this stage but please remember to use mineral makeup only! A few more steps start to appear to the skin care line up. Serums containing alpha hydroxy acids should stay in the rotation but retinols in an eye cream and/or serum should be added to reduce the signs of aging. Also, melanin concerns begin to arise at this skin age, so it may become necessary to add melanin suppressing serums into your rotation. Anti-Oxidant Infusion facials are an excellent treatment choose for this skin age forward. It will leave the skin feeling hydrated, clean, and revived. Also, continue with enzyme and acid peels for a great exfoliation.

40s and Beyond…

Skin wrinkles unfortunately can become common place on the face neck and hands as we get progressively older. Also, the sun damage from summer days in the sun when you were young is now evident on the skin. Light chemical peels are a great treatment to rid the skin of that outer layer, fine lines and skin discolorations. This might also be the time to consider deeper treatments such as laser resurfacing and DermaFrac.

While these are some tips on what you can expect with aging, and how to use treatments and products to keep your skin as young and healthy as possible, we all age differently, deal with different skin concerns, and may need different treatment plans and products. Get regular skin consultations and review your product selections with an experienced esthetician to make sure your skin is on the right track to healthy and flawless.


Changing Skin, Changing Lives,

Lyn Ross