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Monday, 14 November 2011 16:33

Battling the Breakout

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5 Tips to Avoid Acne

Let’s face it we’ve all suffered from breakouts at some point in our life. It’s embarrassing; it interferes with your life, and can even lower your self-esteem. Unfortunately, what causes these annoy skin issues is unclear and can vary from person to person,  but here are five easy tips everyone can keep in mind to battle the breakout….


    1. First, use appropriate skin care ingredients that will control the oil production in the skin, for example a cleanser containing salicylic acid will be an effective oil controller.

    2. People are prone to touching their face thousands of times a day. Not only does this spread germs, but this spreads bacteria to the face. So KEEP THOSE HANDS OFF YOUR FACE! Also, resist the urge to squeeze any pimples, this will only spread more bacteria and exacerbate the problem. If you need extractions, go to a professional who will avoid scarring and the spread of bacteria (and let’s face it they know what they’re doing, squeezing your own zits can make it worse).

    3. If you find yourself breaking out along the hairline, consider changing the hair products, including shampoo, that are being used because chances are the ingredients in these products are aggravating the skin. If other areas of your body begin to break, consider changing your clothes detergent.

    4. Go to a mediclinical spa for monthly facials to unclog pores and to treat the skin with manual exfoliation methods, including microdermabrasion and chemical peels. This will help acne subside and heal, and a mediclinical spa is relaxing but is also pursues treatment effectiveness and results (not just a fluff facial with no change in skin health).  Also, product choices can be examined by your esthetician and new ingredients can be added to the product regime, or products can be removed, in order to advance the results.

    5. Stay away from any unnatural makeup. Mineral makeup should be the only type of makeup used on acne prone (or any skin type) to prevent pore congestion and possible irritation from unnatural ingredients. Some mineral makeups are even formulated to help calm the skin and reduce redness, a great benefit for those suffering with acne. Why not give Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup a try?

While some causes of acne are difficult to treat and heal, sometimes clearing up a breakout can be as simple as following these 5 basic breakout preventing rules. If your following all these rules, but still suffering you could have a bigger acne battle ahead, but with align yourself with a trustworthy esthetician, and you won’t be facing the fight alone.

Changing Skin, Changing Lives,
Lyn Ross