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Tuesday, 25 May 2010 17:20

Summer Without Cellulite - Article by Jeri Ross

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Summer without Cellulite


Article by Jeri Ross, MPH Health Educator


" Is cellulite going to sabotage your summer? The answer is absolutely not. You can get control of those unsightly lumpy bumpy dimples by following the Institut’ DERMed 5-Step Master Cellulite Blaster protocol that addresses why women have cellulite and how to progressively change this self-esteem zapping condition.


Why do women develop cellulite? The female skin structure is made up of chambers that trap fat cells. Estrogen, the female hormone, increases fat storage in women. That is why women unlike men have cellulite. As we age, collagen and elastin bundles break down, weakening the dermis so fat pockets protrude upward making cellulite more noticeable."



5- Step Master Cellulite Blaster



    1. Have a positive body image.

    1. Drink more water.

    1. Use topical cellulite treatment products.

    1. Eat healthy.

    1. Move your body often.

" Programs that include stimulating circulation, detoxification and building a healthy skin barrier as well as reducing the size and number of fat cells have a good track record for diminishing cellulite."


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