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Wednesday, 10 March 2010 13:20

Let's Strive for Our Health and Well-being Together

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Jeri Ross, the BodiBuddie, recently interviewed Eileen Mackusick, MS, RD and asked her what advice she had for women regarding the best nutritional ways to lose weight.

“Successful weight loss requires a shift in belief that involves striving for health and well being.  Successful weight loss also involves regular exercise that can be maintained throughout a lifetime.  The bottom line to weight loss is a calorie in must equal a calorie out.  There is no magic bullet, powder, food or pill that is going to significantly increase your metabolic expenditure with the exception of exercise and increased muscle mass.

These days I support Michael Pollan's views on food as the author of Food Rules:  An Eater's Manual. His advice, and now my advice is eat real food, not too much of it, and more plants than meat. Or, put it in another way; get off the modern western diet, with its abundance of processed food, refined grains and sugars, and its sore lack of vegetables, whole grains and fruit. If you follow those rules, you will have a healthy diet.  However, when you are trying to loose weight, not only should you incorporate those basic ideas, you also need to be mindful of portion sizes. I recommend keeping a food journal for at least one to two weeks to get an accurate idea of your food intake.Fitday.comhelps you to track your daily calories and other nutrition components.”

Eileen Mackusick, MD, RD
Chief Clinic Dietitian Watsonville Community Hospital

Jeri Ross