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Monday, 23 November 2009 12:47

Magical Cow Protein

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When a cow is milked, she's at risk of getting a bacterial infection called mastitis; but certain proteins in the cow's system act as natural protection against this condition. And now, scientists have isolated this kind of protein for use in a wide range of human personal-care products.

Quantec, the New Zealand company behind this development is calling the ingredient IDP, or Immune Defense Proteins, and they believe its potential is unlimited. Because of its strong antimicrobial properties, one of the first planned products is a lozenge or gum that can fight the bacteria linked to gum disease and bad breath.

Also in the works are skincare products, including formulas that could effectively fight frustrating issues like acne, dandruff and psoriasis, while offering skin antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. IDP could even find its way into treatments for yeast infections and athlete's foot.

IDP is expected to appear in the US cosmetics market in the near future.