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Monday, 19 October 2009 18:14

Why having more moles means a higher skin cancer risk...

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Skin cancer experts believe that an undetermined combination of sun exposure and genes, such as those linked to fair skin, creates the greatest increase in melanoma risk. In their efforts to better understand this mysterious equation, researchers recently sought a link between multiple moles and the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Finally, researchers were able to prove that there’s a clear link between the number of moles a person has and the probability of skin cancer.

Cancer Research UKhas long advised that people with many moles should take extra care in the sun, and its director of health information, Sara Hiom, is encouraged by research like this that identifies a clear genetic justification for this recommendation.

"The more we can understand malignant melanoma through research like this," she said, "the closer we should get to controlling what is an often fatal cancer."

Institut' DERMed is committed to helping our clients protect their skin and lead a healthier life.  Visit your Institut' DERMed clinical skincare esthetician to determine what you can do to preserve your skin for years to come.