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Thursday, 23 July 2009 12:20

Cellulite Rx debuts in Cosmo Russia!

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Institut' DERMed is excited to debut in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Russia with our Cellulite Rx products!! 

Causes of Cellulite
Cellulite often referred to as cottage cheese skin or orange peel syndrome, is a skin   condition often described as dimpled skin. Defined as a protrusion of the subcutaneous  fat into the dermis creating a junction called adipose tissue. In the past it was believed that cellulite was a caused from being overweight or weight increase, but in recent years it has been said that cellulite is not a weight problem, it is a skin problem. Cellulite affects between 80-90% of women, indirectly proving that it is not a weight problem due to the large percentage of affected women. It is very common for average and underweight women to develop cellulite areas. Cellulite is found mainly in areas such as thighs, buttocks, stomach, lower back and the upper arms.

CelluliteRx Program & Products:

Cellulite Rx is a 3 step program:

Step 1- LipoSmooth Body Polish -

Apply and rub on wet skin while in the shower or bath to exfoliate surface skin cells and prep the skin for maximum absorption of Step 2 Lipo Therm Contour Cream.

Key ingredients- sea mineral algae extract, walnut shell, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil

Step 2- LipoTherm Contour Cream

Apply a quarter teaspoon to each area of concern. Massage for several minutes.

Key ingredients- niacin (Vitamin B3), alpha lipoic acid (ALA) essential fatty acids-EFAs (omega 3,6), guarana seed extract, caffeine, acetyl carnitine, wild yam extract, rosemary leaf oil, geranium oil
Step 3- LipoLift Firming Cream

Layer over the LipoTherm Contour Cream and massage
for several minutes to create a firmer appearance.

Key ingredients- cinnamon oil, soy peptides