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Wednesday, 01 July 2009 15:54

Institut’ DERMed Celebrates Two Decades in Atlanta

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June 2009, Atlanta, GA. As our economy is starting to recover from its recent dip, stories of local businesses flourishing are few and far between. Amidst the crashes of Atlanta spas and skincare facilities, the recession is especially obvious. According to research, over 30% of beauty salons and spas nationwide have closed their doors in 2007 and 2008.

Institut’ DERMed Celebrates Two Decades in Atlanta




June 2009, Atlanta, GA. As our economy is starting to recover from its recent dip, stories of local businesses flourishing are few and far between.Amidst the crashes of Atlanta spas and skincare facilities, the recession is especially obvious.According to research, over 30% of beauty salons and spas nationwide have closed their doors in 2007 and 2008.






Founder and President of Institut DermedFortunately, it seems that Institt’ DERMed has the staying power and a few trade secrets that helped the Buckhead medi-clinical spa continue to thrive in the murky waters of the floundering economy. In fact, the spa celebrates its 20th anniversary this year – quite an accomplishment in these uncertain times!






So what is it that has propelled Institut’ DERMed into phenomenal success and has made it a household name among the skincare aficionados of the South? Lyn Ross, President and Founder of the Company, talks frankly about being one of the first on the Atlanta spa scene and serving as a Skin Coach to the rich and famous.






Question: Lyn, first things first: How did you become the skincare expert you are today?






Lyn Ross: I often tell the story of how I became an esthetician at age 11 when I experienced my first acne break-out, which lasted well into my 30s. Always trying to figure out what to do with my blemished skin became an obsession. I turned this obsession for skincare into a passion for helping people improve their complexion and achieve overall good health and well-being.






Question: Tell us about your medi-clinical spa in the fashionable Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta.






Lyn Ross: Our spa boasts over 3,000 square feet of space and has 11 treatment rooms. We offer comprehensive, total-body treatments, including such technologically-advanced services as Thermage, NXT (an FDA-cleared solution for sagging skin), IPL Photo Facial, Endermologie, and so on. Of course, skincare remains our core focus, and we provide a variety of facials for our clientele. We were one of the first true medi-clinical spas in Atlanta, meaning we offer regular spa services, as well as medical services that one usually can get at a dermatologist’s office, such as Botox injections. We partner with physicians that perform these medical procedures. 






Question: The economy has taken a significant toll on many small businesses. What has helped you stay afloat and thrive in these past few years?






Lyn Ross: I knew that our industry is one of luxury, not necessity. Obviously, if people are short on cash, they will buy groceries and pay bills before going to a spa. I believe it is our products and skilledView of Institut Dermed Spa in Buckhead therapists that keep our clients coming back. We also adopted the philosophy called “think mini.” That means that for a smaller cost, we could provide a shorter massage or a mini-facial. Thus, clients can still come in, relax and be pampered, while paying less. Making these changes helped us stay in business during rough times.






Now that the market is starting to pick up again, I’m really excited about the next chapter of Institut’ DERMed – we’re coming out with fabulous new products, expanding our services with new treatments, creating a new online education portal for our Institut’ DERMed distributors along with launching the Institut’ DERMed line internationally!






Question: Lyn, can you please give some skincare tips to women who’re looking to preserve their youthful appearance?






Lyn Ross: I believe beauty starts on the inside. So drinking water and eating well is a must for everyone. I can’t stress enough the importance of wearing sunscreen every single day. Most, if not to say all, of the wrinkles on our face come from sun exposure – they are not laugh-lines or expression-lines – it’s just the sun! I’m also a big believer in exfoliation in order to get rid of the dead layer of skin cells. Exfoliating at home works well, but for true results, a microdermabrasion treatment at the spa is most effective.






Question: Ok, fun question – rumor has it you serve many celebrity clients. True or false?






Lyn Ross: True! (Smiles.) Of course, all of our clients are special to us. But yes, we do serve famous clients, local political figures, athletes and wives of athletes, several musicians, actors and radio personalities. Of course, I can’t mention any names. Some have been clients for many, many years. We truly value those relationships.






Question: Talk a little about your product line. Why did you feel the need to create your own line? What makes it different?






Lyn Ross: I have created an extensive line of high-performance cosmeceutical skincare products, which can be purchased in our spas, online and through licensed Institut’ DERMed spa locations. Clinical skincare is emerging as the standard in aesthetics, thanks to baby boomers driven to achieve a more youthful and healthy appearance. Mass media would have us believe that skin rejuvenation can be done “over the counter” with one cream in 24 hours. As a skincare professional, I know each individual’s skin health is unique and requires a personalized approach.






When I was starting my business, I scouted the skincare product market far and wide, trying to find the right combination of ingredients to heal what was ailing my client’s skin. After much research, I realized that perhaps I should create my own line of products in order to have the most potent ingredients in order to treat the common conditions of aging skin. That is how the Institut’ DERMed product line came into being. There is also the Institut’ DERMed College of Advanced Aesthetics where I teach estheticians my proven treatment methods and systems for optimal skin rejuvenation.









Institut’ DERMed Medi-Clinical Spa is located at 3726 Roswell Rd., Atlanta.