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Tuesday, 17 March 2009 15:10

What you need to know about sunscreen..

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Walking to and from your car, driving down the highway, sitting in the shade, or simply working in your office all expose the skin to UV light. A person does not have to be a “sun worshipper” to be at risk for skin disorders caused by sun exposure.As long as the sun protective product you are using has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 15 it will provide appropriate protection for the skin.However, many sun protective products leave the skin very greasy or they don’t work under make-up, discouraging women from applying it every day.


What to look for when you buy sunscreen:



Look for a product such as Dermed Sun Protective Cream which is specifically formulated to be used daily prior to applying your moisturizer and make-up.



Read product labels and look for a waterproof brand if you will be sweating or swimming.



Use a water-based sunscreen if you have oily or acneic skin.



Sun exposure is the number one cause of serious, health-related skin problems so make sure you apply yours daily, all year long…….no excuses!

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