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Monday, 02 February 2009 17:35

Love Your Skin!

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At this time of the year I notice an increase of surface dehydration in my client's skin. Dehydration of the skin can be identified as scaly, flaky skin, skin that feels tight and dry with noticeable superficial lines. Although most of my clients report sufficient water intake, it is important to understand that water will not by itself correct existing surface dehydration.

Surface dehydration can occur for several reasons:

Harsh cleansing products: soaps can strip the hydro-lipid film from the surface of the epidermis and leaving it unprotected and subject to moisture loss.

Skin damage:damaged skin takes on a withered look, and affected persons need assistance at the epidermal level.

Lifestyle:excessive use of alcohol and  cigarette smoking, all reduce the flow of moisture and nutrition to the cells.

Medication:many cold and flu remedies have side-effects on the skin's surface.

Inadequate moisturizers:light textured and milky moisturizers that "disappear" into the skin offer little or no protection.

Heating and Air:moisture evaporates quickly within the dry atmosphere of overheated rooms and in cold climates.

Hot showers:friction and heat of hot water remove sebum from the skin's surface.

Some tips to protect your skin:


    • Only use lukewarm water when washing the face.


    • Adjust heating to a less than comfortable level and layer clothing to keep warm.


    • Use a humidifier in your bedroom.


    • Increase water intake, particularly if you are using cold and flu medications.


    • Have a professional spa treatment that assists in exfoliating the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and encourages the turnover of new cells.


    • Use protective creams with a high lipid content similar to the skin's own surface film.


    • Additionally a small quantity of an anti-oxidant serum layered under moisturizers will work wonders.