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Thursday, 22 January 2009 17:45

Amazing Enzymes

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What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are naturally derived from plants, animals and marine life.   Our bodies produce enzymes to help the processes our bodies need to function such as breaking down molecules.  Sometimes we lack certain enzymes and that's why enzyme-rich foods and supplements are so popular. 

What do enzymes contribute to skin care?

Enzymes have been used in cosmetics for hundeds of years as an excellent exfoliator.  Plant enzymes, such as those found in papaya and pumpkin, soften and break down dead skin enough for it to be removed.  After an enzyme peel treatment the skin feels and looks smooth and radiant.

Enzyme treatments are particularly good for people with acne, but a herbal enzyme peel treatment is also an excellent choice for someone with sensitive skin who still needs a good exfoliation.  Because enzymes also help collagen production they are a very popular choice for people desiring aging skin prevention.

Enzymes are only active when they are moist.  While some take home products come moist in a container (such as Institut’ DERMed’s enzyme peeling cream) most professional strength enzymes are in a powder form that is then mixed with an activator at the time of a treatment. This is to maximize the effect of the enzyme as much as possible. Applying steam during the treatment will also cause the enzyme to stay active longer and penetrate deeper. Once an enzyme application becomes dry it is no longer effective. 

Enzymes can be combined with acids for an intensive treatment, but this is truly best left to professionals.  To prolong professional results, an at home weekly enzyme peel with a low concentration enzyme will accelerate the turnover of old skin cells and stimulate the growth of new ones keeping skin looking fresh and radiant. 

Enzymes can: digest impurities, exfoliate, refine, soothe, lighten, refresh, promote new cell growth, assist collagen production, reduce hyper-pigmentation, reduce fine lines, improve skin tone and texture and plump up skin. Now that’s amazing!

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