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Saturday, 01 November 2008 15:05

Institut’ DERMed’s Eye Therapy

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Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover and Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum



The eyes always tell the truth – and show the first signs of aging. Achieve bright, refreshed, and younger-looking eyes in just two steps with Institut’DERMed’s Oil Eye Makeup Remover and Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum.

Gently dissolve mascara and eye makeup while preventing damage to the delicate skin around the eyes with Institut’DERMed Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. Its formula of soothing and anti-inflammatory chamomile is safe for sensitive eyes and skin and contains saponaria extracts that act as mild emulsifiers to safely dissolve makeup.  The oil-free solution prevents fine lines and wrinkles and provides optimal penetration of Institut’DERMed eye treatments.



To use: Apply a small amount to a damp cotton pad. Hold on the eye area to dissolve makeup pigments. Gently cleanse inward toward the nose. Or, use on a cotton swab to correct minor makeup mistakes.



Follow with Institut’ DERMed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum to hydrate the delicate skin of the eye area. Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum is formulated with spin trap molecules and anti-oxidants to neutralize damaging free radicals that etch fine lines and wrinkles into the skin. Spin trap molecules attract and trap free spinning electrons (free radicals), recycle them and prevent potential cell damage.  Corn silk extract, a natural emollient and softener gives the formula an iridescent sheen while reflecting light away from deep wrinkles to achieve a more youthful appearance.



Anti-Oxidants, vitamins (A, C, D, and E), minerals, proteins and enzymes in Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum supply nutrients to preserve healthy cell development and guard against free radicals caused by smoking, alcohol, caffeine, a diet of fatty foods and UV light exposure. 



To use: Apply a ¼ pump to the outer corners of the eye area. Gently roll, pat and press to assist penetration. For best results use after moisturizer in the evening.



Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum                       



Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover 2oz