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Sunday, 26 October 2008 14:57

Turning Back Time

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If you're like me, then you remember well the moment you first looked in the mirror and realized that the passage of time was starting to reflect back at you.  It comes to us all at some point and no matter how grounded you are it's not a fun realization. It would be nice if we could go back in time to our parent's generation where the best you could hope for was to "age gracefully", and because everyone was in the same boat it seemed they were all very stoic about it.  The emphasis then was on staying active as long as you could and enjoying your winter years, the emphasis now is the same, but it's also about looking good while doing so. 

Today's version of 'aging gracefully' is putting the emphasis on slowing time down and extending how you look now for another decade, hopefully even two. As our skin cells age and become disorganized, they create a rough surface texture, discoloration appears and the skin begins to lose its tone and tightness. Thankfully technology has advanced to the point where for those of us already there, turning back the physical effects of time is possible, and for those who are just beginning to see the first signs of aging: the sooner a person begins an anti-aging program that includes sun protection, the more insurance they’ll have for their skin as they age.



While the active ingredients in cosmeceutical products such as Institut' DERMed are pharmaceutical-grade dermatologic agents that have been clinically tested for more than 40 years, the difference today is that they are infused into all-natural base carriers using chiral technology.  What this means for you is optimum penetration of the product into your skin. 



For many of us it is the sun that has created the most damage on our skin, and all that discoloration is a quick giveaway to how old you are. My recommended products for treating sun damage as well as fine lines are:



Retinol:  a derivative of Vitamin A. Retinol is a non-prescription medicine and gentle alternative to pharmaceutical Retinoic Acids. Retinol is an esther that converts to Retinoic Acid once in the skin, providing a similar benefit that helps to support collagen and elastin production and smooth and prevent fine line wrinkles with less irritation and dehydration.



Anti-oxidants: products containing vitamins A, C, E, D, minerals, proteins, and enzymes that supply nutrients to protect cells. Modern research and scientific technology have proven that anti-oxidants work to prevent cell damage from free radical scavengers rendering them harmless to healthy cells.



Glycolic Acid: the smallest molecule of the Alpha-Hydroxy Acid family widely used in treating skin conditions like acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.



Peptides:  to stimulate collagen production.



Remember, one single cosmeceutical product is not going to accomplish everything, that's why seeing a professional therapist and having a thorough skin analysis done is so much more helpful than attempting to purchase over the counter products without sound advice.  Also, any product, no matter how potent, is only as good as your knowledge on how to use it. At Institut’ DERMed our therapists first prescribe the right combinations of retinol, anti-oxidants, peptides and AHA best suited for your home care regimen, and then teach you how to use them,  generating optimum results for your investment.



And don’t forget:  Sunscreen is your best preventative for prematurely aging skin.