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Tuesday, 09 September 2008 15:48

Smooth, Clear, Soft Skin…….Everyone wants it!

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Radiantly healthy skin is what we find most attractive about the male and female face.  We are all born with beautiful skin! And most of us want to retain our youthful appearance as long as possible.

As we age, biological changes and exposure to environmental elements will cause fine lines, wrinkles, brown skin discolorations, even acne.  Unfortunately aging cannot be prevented, but the signs of it can be controlled to a great degree.  The signs of aging will differ from person to person due to heredity, state of health and how we take care of our skin.  The fact is our skin shows signs of aging faster than any other organ.  The skin is vulnerable to daily wear and tear, biological and environmental assaults.  This is the reason why our skin requires regular twice daily care throughout its lifetime, if it is to remain healthy and retain its youthful appearance.

Care of the skin should begin at an early age, because once the skin has been neglected, it is more difficult to improve its appearance.  Without proper care and maintenance the skin will slowly lose its healthy condition due to environmental and internal changes. 

Fortunately today medical breakthroughs and technological advances in cosmetic formulations offer real solutions for controlling the appearance of age related skin conditions.

Cosmeceutical skin care products are used by individuals worldwide to maintain healthy skin, correct skin irregularities and are recommended by physicians prior to and in conjunction with cosmetic surgery rejuvenation procedures. To ensure optimal results a comprehensive approach to beauty through in-clinic professional esthetic treatments and at home skin health care programs works best.  An initial skin analysis is the most important step in achieving results.  On the first visit your skin care specialist should discuss your goals for skin rejuvenation and devise a complete home care program plan to work in conjunction with your professional treatment plan. A twice daily home care regimen will help you to achieve rapid results.

Your face is what people notice first, and it says a lot about you.  Let it say good things by taking a few minutes twice a day to properly care for it.  As with any health care program like exercise and proper diet, skin health is an ongoing process.