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Thursday, 18 April 2013 14:55

Simple  Ways to Detox Your Body and Reduce Your Toxins

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Simple  Ways to Detox Your Body and Reduce Your Toxins

While overhauling your entire diet and exercise routine can be a bit daunting, there are a few changes you can add to your routine to kick those toxins and get a simple detox for a renewed look and feel.  We all want to not only look our best but we want to feel our best too. Sometimes just adding or eliminating one or two things can be enough to make a big difference.

Spice it Up
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Spices are an amazing way to boost and heal the body. If you’re looking to detox, turmeric will ease your body’s response to toxins (inflammation), stimulate the circulatory system, and can even help clear skin! Add it to dishes to spice them up or even look for them in some herbal teas!

Flavor Your Water
Cut out the sodas and sugary sports drinks. We know you hear all day about how important it is for your health and skin to drink water and eliminate toxins.  Make it interesting by adding a little natural flavor with antioxidant packed fruits like strawberries or lemons. Our favorite, the classic lemon, gives you a kick of enzymes and Vitamin C to detoxify your liver and burn more fat!

Detox Food Sources
Glucosinolates are your liver’s friend. Found in broccoli, argula, brussel sprouts and other greens, they help your liver to filter out the toxic stuff by increasing its ability to produce purifying enzymes. Chop these greens up and throw them in asalad or add them as a side to a healthy meal.

Wrap Up
Body Wraps have been used for centuries as an alternative therapy for increased circulation, detoxification and skin healing. Not only are  wraps extremely relaxing but they are recommended for body acne, eczema, psoriasis, cellulite reduction, weight loss, and detoxifying. Schedule an Institut' DERMed  body wrap today to get your body and mind to a place of relaxation and wellness.