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Thursday, 31 January 2013 18:06

Treatment Spotlight: Microdermabrasion

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In our treatment spotlights we like to give you the most relevant information for you, as client and consumer, to make the most educated decision on what skin care procedures are the right fit for you and your skin. We know with new procedures, including surgical and non-invasive, hitting the market every day, it can be hard to keep up. Microdermabrasion, is a method of mechanical exfoliation that naturally, evenly, and safely exfoliates the skin to remove signs of aging, dead skin, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and blackheads. It is one of our most requested treatments that rejuvenates the skin leaving it looking softer and brighter.

Here are 5 things you should know about Microdermabrasion:

1)      It works on all skin types and colors. Because it only it only makes subtle changes by exfoliating the skin it causes no skin color change or scarring. However, because it is not an invasive exfoliation it is not effective for deeper problems such as scars, stretch marks, or deep acne scars.

2)      There is minimal downtime. Your skin may have a temporary pink flush, and could feel dry and tight (similar to a windburn), but this will subside within 24 hours. If you want quick skin rejuvenation but do not have time in your schedule for “downtime” to heal then Microdermabrasion is a good option for you.

3)      There are two options; Particle or Non-Particle Microdermabrasion.  Traditional Particle Microdermabrasion works by spraying a controlled flow of crystals on to the skin to gently remove the outer layer. Particle materials vary depending on the device but most machines use either aluminum oxide (corundum) crystals, sodium chloride (salt), or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Non-Particle Microdermabrasion (also known as Crystal Free Microdermabrasion) is performed using a stainless steel diamond encrusted tip with or without suction. This method is very popular among professionals for removing dead skin cells and is better for people with more sensitive skin or really dry dehydrated skin.

4)      Use moisturizers and sunscreens following the treatment and try to avoid sun exposure for a few days immediately after the procedure. If you need to wear makeup within 24 hours after your treatment be sure to only apply mineral makeup.

5)      Microdermabrasion may be added to a facial for greater results. It can also be performed along with or layered post enzyme or acid peel to create a deep exfoliation. It is recommended to apply any of the Institut’ DERMed treatment masks post procedure for hydration.

Have you ever received Microdermabrasion? Leave us a comment and let us know about your experience and what you thought about the procedure!

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