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Friday, 19 July 2013 17:04

DermaFrac & Hyperpigmentation Treatments

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How Does  Micro Needling Treat Hyperpigmentation?

If you’ve been reading our previous posts on DermaFrac™, you know it is a cosmetic needling procedure that uses very fine stainless steel needles to make channels into the epidermis (or top layer of the skin) to increase collagen production and help treat skin conditions like aging, uneven skin texture, acne, scars, and hyperpigmentation. We’ve gone in depth in the treatment of acne with DermaFrac™ but today we want to take a closer look into how this treatment can be used to treat one of the most stubborn skin conditions: hyperpigmentation.

If you’ve ever suffered with hyperpigmentation, you know how frustrating it can be to treat. It is difficult to overcome because the melanocyte (the cells that produce melanin, the skin’s pigment) is influenced by too many factors, resulting in hyperpigmentation. This  can be caused for multiple reasons that coincide. The melanocyte responds to many outside factors causing overstimulation and overproduction of pigment.

What Are Some of the Main Causes For Hyperpigmentation?

    • UV Rays
    • Hormones can be a major cause of hyperpigmentation especially in woman. Pregnancy and hormone treatments are a main culprit.
    • Some medications can cause your skin to become hyperpigmented such as anti-epileptics, antidepressants, antibiotics, anti-malarials, NSAID’s, diuretics, and others.
    • Hyperpigmentation can appear as a post inflammatory response to acne, skin trauma, burns, insect bites, and even poison ivy.
    • Cellular senescence (an aged cell that has forgotten how to function.)
    • Photosensitizers including some essential oils, fragrances, and fragrance fixing agents can cause hyperpigmentation.

How Does DermaFrac™ Treat Hyperpigmentation?

As we mentioned before, the stainless steel needles create micro channels in the skin. These microchannels  allow up to 80% more product into the skin, (compared to just 7-10% with normal topical application) which allows the active ingredients that target hyperpigmentation to work more effectively and provide better results.

Melanocytes are the first skin cells to show signs of damage as we age. The epidermis loses about 10-20% of properly functioning melanocytes every 10 years starting when we reach about 35. DermaFrac treatments help to restore and regulate this function to ensure an even skin color and tone.

Because the treatment works to promote collagen production, which is great for aging skin, this increased collagen production also helps to increase the skin cell turnover allowing the skin to flush out hyperpigmented skin cells leaving healthy cells to flourish.

Interested in learning more about what DermaFraccan do to treat your hyperpigmentation? Get in touch!

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