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Wednesday, 08 October 2014 15:44

The Humble Pumpkin and Your Skin

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The Benefits of Pumpkin

The humble pumpkin, a backyard vegetable that contains enzymes, vitamin A, C and K, iron, zinc and so many antioxidants it's no wonder it's considered one of nature’s healthiest foods. Those ingredients that make the great pumpkin top of the health food aficonado's list are also just as nourishing to the skin when applied topically.

Plant enzymes, such as those found in pumpkin, soften and break down dead skin leaving your complexion feeling and looking smooth and radiant. Pumkin enzyme treatments are particularly good for people with acne, and because enzymes also help collagen production they are a very popular choice for people desiring aging skin prevention. By exfoliating the dead cells on the surface of the skin we encourage cell turnover at a healthy rate.

The antioxidant boost derived from pumpkin neutralizes free radicals {unstable molecules responsible for tissue damage that leads to aging} before they can cause any damage. If left unchallenged, free radicals cause the cells to function poorly or die leading to damaged skin structures. The additional vitamins and antioxidants infuse the skin and help to correct acne blemishes and lighten hyperpigmentation for a more refined skin texture.

An excellent ingredient for all skin types, now is the time to get your skin ready for the colder months with one of Mother Nature’s most beneficial ingredients.