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Thursday, 01 January 2015 09:00

New Year - Renew Your Skin

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The process of skin shedding and renewal is a biological process in which the cells move up from the bottom of the epidermis to the top. This process takes about four weeks and then it can take approximately two more weeks before they are sloughed off and replaced by new cells. Combining professional treatments with a proper skincare regimen at home will encourage your skin to renew itself efficiently and help with collagen production so you can have younger-looking skin in a very short time.

chempeels prevent cancer thmbSkin is categorized by type and is generally described as normal, oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin. The skin care products you choose should match your skin type. A cleansertoner and moisturizer are must haves. An exfoliator is an excellent addition once or twice a week to shift dead skin on the surface and a facial mask for hydration every week is also a good idea. If you are unsure of your skin type consult a professional esthetician for a skin analysis. At Institut' DERMed Spa in Atlanta a professional skin analysis and consultation is free of charge.

Consistency is the key to any good skin-care routine. The first step in renewing your skin is by disciplining yourself to cleanse properly every night. Stick with it! Nighttime is when skin renews itself but if your face is not cleaned of debris then it won't be able to eliminate toxins. This creates dull looking skin as well as breakouts and inflammation. Cleansing effectively removes any potentially pore-clogging beauty products applied to your skin during the day and will also slow the
recurrence of blackheads and pimples.

Corrective cleansers containing Alpha Hydroxy or Beta Hydroxy acids will rid skin of dead cells making your skin softer, younger, and brighter. Which one is right for you depends on your skin type. AHAs such as glycolic and lactic acid, are water soluble, (they can dissolve in water), BHAs such as Salicylic acid are lipid soluble, (dissolve in oil) so they are better at penetrating oily pores. For best results both need to absorb into the skin, so apply to the skin like a mask and let sit for a minute to absorb before working into the skin and washing off.

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The rate of skin renewal slows down as you get older and the shedding process becomes much less efficient. This creates a build up on the surface of your face of dead skin cells. It becomes more and more important to use a good exfoliator to remove these dead skin cells that create aged, dull-looking skin.  The most practical way people exfoliate at home is to use a gentle microdermabrasion scrub such as Institut DERMed Enhancing Crystal Micro Polish which contains Diamond Corundum Crystals, very fine grains that won’t tear your skin.  A scrub will polish away dead skin cells and refine pores for a clean, clear, radiant complexion.

Every night apply moisturizer to your skin to help increase protection and hydration.  It's important to choose the right product for your skin type as well as one containing antioxidants. Anti-oxidants are chemicals that block the activity of other chemicals known as free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to skin cells so anti-oxidants will protect the skin from damage and premature aging. Daily, even in the winter, use a moisturizer with a sunscreen. This may seem like an unnecessary step but many skin care products contain AHA's which increase sun sensitivity and year round UV protection will help you to avoid wrinkles and discolored skin over time. Although we think of crows feet and wrinkles as "aging", very often it's those facial spots and dark patches of discolored skin that give us the appearance of looking older.

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