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Monday, 24 September 2012 12:41

Neglecting the Neck

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We spend time and effort perfecting our skin care regime, adding eye creams, new moisturizers, and serums for treating certain skin conditions. But are you only perfecting the skin care regime for your face? Your neck and décolleté are fragile skin areas that are exposed to the same environmental factors as the face, including damaging UV rays. Not to mention, because this area is especially prone to sagging and wrinkling, left untreated it can be a sure fire give away of age, even if your facial skin looks younger from regular maintenance!

The neck and décolleté area doesn’t necessarily need its own treatment plan. At night and in the morning, just extend your products past your jawline and down your neck. Be especially sure to extend moisturizers and sunscreen to this delicate area for protection.

While it is good to use your facial products on your neck, there are products specifically designed to treat this area. The Enhancing Neck & Décolleté Cream is formulated with Lactic Acid and Black Current Seed Oil to repair, hydrate, and firm the skin in this fragile area.  The Lactic Acid, derived from sour milk, is used as an alternative to glycolic acid for increasing cellular desquamation to refine and re-texturize the skin. The Black Current Seed Oil is rich with anti-inflammatory properties that are very beneficial in healing many inflammatory conditions like dermatitis. Black currant seed oil is also rich in essential fatty acid anti-oxidants that help to prevent skin dehydration and dryness reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Including the neck in your skin care regime will keep skin more firm and youthful. If you’ve been neglecting your decollete it’s never too late to start including it in your daily routine, however, if the sagging or wrinkling from years of non-treatment there are numerous surgical and non-surgical treatments, including laser treatments, which can be done to tighten the skin.