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Tuesday, 29 May 2012 11:22

Top Tips for Summer Skin Care

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Summer is here bringing with it long evenings, BBQ’s, sunny vacations & fun. But with so much fun to cram into this summer and with the elements taking their toll on our skin, it can be left feeling neglected and dull. Get into these good skin habits now and your skin will be thanking you all summer long.

Drink Water

Hot summer days can leave you and your skin dehydrated either from losing fluids or not drinking enough (or both). Dehydration can wreak havoc on your body with multiple physical symptoms including poor skin turgor. The skin may appear saggy and will not be as elasticated (try pinching your skin and seeing if it springs right back into place). Drink the recommended daily intake of water and consider drinking more than usual on days you’re in the sun, sweating more than usual, or participating in physical activity.


Dry skin is made worse during the heat of summer. The HydraFacial is a moisturizing skin resurfacing system that exfoliates while infusing specific serums for deep cleansing and correction which will leave your skin feeling nourished & hydrated immediately. The treatment includes a surface cleansing, hydra facial procedure, selected mask, hydration and sun protection so it is ideal for summer months.


Rotate products containing antioxidants, especially Vitamin C into your summer product regime. These antioxidants build up your skins strength, leaving it less vulnerable to the summer sun. Include antioxidant rich foods into your diet as well to boost your skin from the inside out. Check out these antioxidant rich foods that are good and good for you (dark chocolate included yum!)

Better Body Boost         

With the heat comes less clothing and that ever dreaded bathing suit season. It only takes a few weeks to begin to see a change in your body from healthy living and a good workout regime so there is no need to keep living in dread. Consider a workout plan containing cardio sessions a few times a week rotated with strength training. Combined with a healthy eating plan full of fresh foods and you’re on your way to a better body and healthier skin.