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Tuesday, 20 March 2012 15:51

Is Your Acne Caused By Bacteria?

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3 Steps to Reduce Bacterial Blemishes

You thought once middle school ended and your braces came off that those unsightly blemishes would disappear and you’d have clear skin through adulthood. Unfortunately, reality has set it and you’re still battling the breakouts despite the fact your teen years are long gone.

Breakouts occur as a result of excessive sebum (oil) production mixing with keratinized dead cells in the hair follicle.  Although acne’s actual cause is unknown, and a number of causes can play a role, we do know that it involves bacterial breakdown of sebum into fatty acids that irritates  surrounding tissue.

All types of acne have one thing in common, an enlarged hair follicle plugged with oil and bacteria. The good news is some acne that sticks with you through adulthood can be caused by trapped bacteria. This may sound scary, but here are three easy (and relatively inexpensive) tips to keep breakouts away and get that radiant skin you always dreamed of.

Use Salicylic Acid A beta hydroxy acid derived from Willow Tree Bark, Salicylic acid is a gentle alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide (which can be too harsh on the skin). Our favorite acne cleanser is the Clarifying Cleanser formulated with Salicylic Acid to reduce redness and help clear and prevent acne breakout (also formulated with Totarol from the Totara Tree as an anti-bacterial).

Exfoliate. When you’re suffering from breakouts, the last thing you want is dead skin filled with bacteria to build up. If you’re using active ingredients to fight your acne, you want to use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cell build up. By keeping your skin exfoliated, you're also making it easier for your products to penetrate into the skin to stop the breakouts at their source! We can’t tell you enough about the Enhancing Micro Crystal Polish for a gentle exfoliation.

LED Light Therapy. While the Red LED light is used for producing collagen, the Blue LED light is what those affected by acne are looking for. The Blue LED light is in a very specific light spectrum that is proven by the FDA to destroy the bacteria that causes acne. Even after the first treatment, amazing results are seen by using this therapy on skin with acne. It’s a painless treatment for every skin type, has no down time and will suppress the bacteria causing your breakouts!



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