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Monday, 05 December 2011 12:53

Skin Care Intervention

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5 Mistakes Most Clients Make (And Don't Even Realize)


1. Less is sometimes more

I see clients all the time who come in with irritated and sometimes broken out skin and they can’t figure out why the products they are using are not working. People buying numerous products for their skin condition, whether it’s acne, aging, rosacea or hyperpigmentation, and overloading their skin are likely to suffer from irritation. I recommend you bring all the products you are currently using in to your esthetician. The two of you can go over your regime together, and cut out unnecessary products, or remove products from the line-up that are not suited for your skin type. Also, just because you use the product more, does not mean you will see better results faster. Excellent products will have result producing ingredients, and over using them before your skin is adjusted can cause the skin to suffer.



2. Stay Committed

When you begin using a product, give it a chance to work. Just because you have not seen results from your new eye cream or serum after a week does not mean that it doesn’t work. Most products can take from a few weeks to a few months to see results, so be patient. Also, be sure that you are using your product consistently and not using them off and on. Skin care regimes are not always a "quick fix" but if you are patient and consistent you will see results.



3. Retinoids at Night

Just like other parts of your body repair during sleep, you skin does as well. Your skin works to repair the elastin fiber (the collagen and elastin networks break down as we age, causing fine lines and wrinkles)so it is beneficial to apply anti-aging ingredients at night. . Retinoids will decrease the depth of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. Retinoids, however, chemically break down when exposed to the sun, so they should only be applied at night time. So pick up an eye cream or serum that is Retinoid free to put on in the morning, and save your Retinoids for before bed.



4. Don’t Over Exfoliate

Your skin has a delicate barrier, and while you want to exfoliate dead skin cell build up in order for the skin to look fresh and for products to penetrate better, you do not want to over exfoliate. I see clients who are using at home peeling products, exfoliating polishes along with exfoliating cleansers multiple times a week. Some clients also just do not realize that the products they are using are exfoliating their skin. Discuss your exfoliating schedule and the products your using with your esthetician to be sure you are not over indulging in the exfoliation area.





5. Serum’s First

Unfortunately, many of my clients are under the impression that their moisturizer is what will hydrate them the best, their cleanser will cure their skin condition, or their exfoliant will rid them of their hyperpigmentation. While cleansers, exfoliators and moisturizers are essential steps in a healthy skin regime, the serum is what does the real dirty work and helps change skin. If your suffering from dry skin, try an aging serum geared to hydrate. Hyperpigmentation? You need to use a serum with Chroma Bright or hydroquinone. Suffering with the red flares of rosacea? A licorice root serum will help diffuse your redness and reduce inflammation. So keep in mind, the other steps in your skin care regime are necessary and work to enhance the results of the serum.




Changing Skin, Changing Lives,

Lyn Ross







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