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Friday, 14 November 2014 20:02

Its Peel Season

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Peels safely remove the outer most top layers of the epidermis that has become  damaged by time and the environment: dull, wrinkled, scarred, pigmented, or otherwise unhealthy skin.  Here at Institut' DERMed we do this using exfoliants and natural peel agents as well as create an environment for healing and nurturing new skin cells.

Important notes if you are considering a peel:
Professional peels are stronger than anything you can buy over the counter. They require training and skill to use, and all peels should be overseen by an experienced and clinically trained esthetician.

If you take time to peel you must take time to follow a post peel homecare regimen as well. Following a prescribed skin care regimen at home is so important to your overall goals of natural, beautiful skin.  The ingredients within the products supply your skin with nutrient rich ingredients for lasting results.

At Institut DERMed we have a variety of natural peeling agents to best suit your skin:

Glycolic+ Peel- is derived from Sugar Cane and is an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid).  One of the most popular peels in the industry for removing lines, wrinkles and lightening  pigmentation.

Lactic+ Peel -comes from sour milk and is an AHA  that naturally exfoliates without interrupting the skin's natural moisturizing factor.  Its potent acidic properties gently exfoliate and clarify the skin without the worry of dehydrating the skin.

Herbal Peel-This digestive enzyme, oat extract, peppermint, and sodium bicarbonate in an alfalfa base to gently hydrolyze and dissolve dead cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface, Enzymes digest dead skin cells, whilst leaving everything else intact. Used for pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and sensitive skin.

Pumpkin Peel
Formulated with 15% enzyme and fruit acids the high concentration of Vitamin A in the Pumpkin Peel provides a mild retinoic acid benefit, accelerates exfoliation, lightens hyperpigmentation and detoxifies congested skin.

Retinol+ Peel
This potent L-Retinol and L-Lactic Acid peel helps regulate the growth and differentiation of the skin’s cells. Vitamin A is known to slow the aging process for a smoother, firmer complexion.

Level 301 Classic Lifting Peel
This deep exfoliating Jessner like peeling solution has been used by Dermatologist’s for over 50 years to remove dead skin cell layers in order to treat a wide range of problematic skin conditions such as; excess oil, impacted pores, acne breakout and skin discoloration.

Level 301  Perfect Lifting Peel
This deep exfoliating Non-Resorcinol Jessner like peeling solution treats pre-maturely aged, sun damaged, dry, dehydrated problematic skin conditions for sensitive and ethnic skin types. The lifting, lightening and brightening benefits refine the skin texture and bring a renewed, hydrated healthy even toned glow to the skin.

Level 301 Supreme Lifting Peel
This exclusive formula is excellent for fading post inflammatory pigmentation due to photo-aging and acne, and restoring healthy tone and texture. This intensive peel procedure is recommended for non-sensitive, photo-damaged, and lax skin conditions.

Talk to your skin care specialist to see what peel is right for you and where a peel fits into your schedule.