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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 21:32

DIY Body Peel

idermed_body_treatment idermed_body_treatment

DIY Body Peel. The best at home body exfoliation treatments!

You can do a full body exfoliation and hydration treatment at home once a week. Your skin will glow all over and blemishes and discolored imperfections will be reduced.

What you will need:
1.Institut’ DERMed Enhancing Glycolic Body Wash
2.Institut' DERMed Enhancing Glycolic Body Lotion
3.Institut' DERMed Enhancing Lactic Hand and Body Lotion
4.Institut' DERMedEnhancing Neck and Décolleté Cream.

The Institut DERMed Enhancing line are all the products that extend and enhance treatments and contain the aesthetic compliments to medicinals. These products incorporate nutrients shown to protect and improve the skin’s appearance.

How it works:

For Weekly Maintenance

The Glycolic Body Wash is actually a mild body peel. As well as exfoliating, glycolic acid also boosts collagen and helps rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of old and sun-damaged, surface skin cells. It helps acne conditions on the chest and the back. It improves skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of dark skin spots.

The Glycolic Body Lotion contains glycolic acid and apricot kernel oil obtained from the kernels of apricots. It is a very light and gentle oil used in creams and lotions to balance, nourish, rehydrate and lubricate the skin.  It’s rich in gamma linoleic acid to maintain moisture balance and vitamin A and E, which soothe the skin and slow signs of aging.
The nourishing properties of apricot kernel seed oil have an anti-inflammatory effect and is especially useful for oily complexions and light enough that it does not leave a greasy coat on your skin after use.

This combination of ingredients means that dead skin cells are gently removed from dry skin and the right level of moisture is maintained.

For Daily Maintenance:
The Enhancing Lactic Hand and Body Lotion is a powerhouse product  and very popular in our colder climates, particularly in the winter. Lactic acid is a naturally occurring humectant for the skin with a certain affinity for water molecules to help keep skin hydrated and evens skin tone due to its whitening properties.
By encouraging natural skin cell renewal through mild exfoliation while delivering intense hydration to the skin at the same time, you can imagine this lotion creates a soft, smooth texture you'll love.

The Enhancing Neck & Décolleté Cream contains the key ingredients Lactic Acid and Rose hip seed oil.  Rose hip seed oil is a powerful anti-aging tool, extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush in the southern Andes.The oil contains pro-vitamin A (beta-Carotene). (While the Roe Hip fruit is rich in vitamin C, the oil does not contain any) and can treat a variety of skin conditions, it is excellent for mature skin as well as helping to diminish photo-aging. It quickly absorbs into the skin replenishing moisture and creates a protective barrier on the skin to help prevent dehydration. This is one of our favorite treatments for the décolleté and in areas where people are baring their upper body.

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